Photo courtesy of The News Line

How can you expect my vote

when you allow Haitians

arrived at our border to be

picked up and deported


back to the island from

which they fled, where

rape, murder, kidnapping

are daily trials, 2500 dead


since January, 100,000 fled

from the capital since January,

and now more than fifty

sent back?  Why?


Why do you still allow

arms export to Israel

when that country continues

to bomb, murder and


starve Palestinians: 34,000

dead as of this accounting,

and thousands of paraplegic

survivors hoping for bionic legs.


Why? I voted for you the last

time. for your big, kind heart,

your suffering the loss of

your son, your vision of


a colorless dream for

our country. Now, why

have you turned your back,

or rather why did you trust


that your advice to Bibi

would be heeded? It is not

too late. Stop now Joe.

Announce the blocking


of new arms shipments.

Prohibit deportation

flights. Get your house

in order, my president,


for all of us and for you

as well. We have no time

left. The election could

bring the Tyrant back


into the White House.

Turn around now,

Joe Biden. Apologize

and act to honor


all the victims of

terror and genocide.