LLRC – Media Coverage and Submissions

Biased and incomplete media coverage of submissions made to Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) has make it difficult to know what information has been provided to the commissioners and how, if at all, they have responded. Deliberate misreporting by leading mainstream media in Sri Lanka has further complicated finding accurate versions of submissions to the LLRC. While the LLRC’s own website, launched well after the hearings started, includes a large number of transcripts of its hearings, it does not provide a comprehensive list of all oral and written submissions.

To address this, Groundviews now features a regularly updated collection of available submissions in English made or given to the LLRC, as well as the LLRC’s own published transcripts.

  • A spreadsheet of the submissions is available here. An RSS feed of new updates is here. It is also available as a PDF, and CSV file, which can be imported to Excel.
  • The same spreadsheet of submissions to LLRC can also be viewed  as a sortable list here.

Groundviews is also cataloguing media coverage of the LLRC proceedings.

  • To access the media reports on the LLRC, please click here. This database is also available as a PDF, and CSV file, which can be imported to Excel. An RSS feeds of updates can be accessed here.
  • The same spreadsheet of media reports on the LLRC as can be viewed as a sortable list here.

The spreadsheets above will be updated as new submissions and new media reports are added. Individuals or organisations who have made submissions to the LLRC that are not in this collection are encouraged to send copies for inclusion.

As these documents are largely taken from the LLRC’s official website as well as other online media, they are published as they were in the original source and thus include any inaccuracies or omissions that may have been in the original source. Readers and researchers are encouraged to contact, wherever possible, the original author for confirmation of the submission.

The list of submissions can be sorted by name or date. All the documents can be downloaded as PDFs or printed out directly from the webpage.