Photo courtesy of NDTV

A school in Nuseirat.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital

in Deir-al Balah. These


are the most recent

places in Gaza to be

memorialized later


on a wailing wall.

Here fourteen civilian

women and nine children


were murdered on June 5th

along with alleged Hamas

terrorists. The Israeli


spokesperson said up

to thirty Hamas used

the three classrooms.


Nobody can confirm these

assertions but the cries

of the boy in the crowded


ward soaking in the blood

of his almost severed leg,

waiting and waiting


there for almost certain

amputation, ask me

to answer if the leg


and his family can be saved.

I have no answer, my boy.

I have no question for


the spokesperson. I pray

that a hurricane will rise

out of the sea and throw


the fighter jet off its path.

I pray that the Category 5

will also break up


the coordinates of the A.I.

used by the I.D.F

in its precise targeting


of civilian collateral bodies.

I pray that all murderers

will face the Eye. Fly. Die.