Photo courtesy of Foreign Policy


The handbasket’s full. Really.

There’s no room at the inn,

my friend. Thirty five thousand

souls blown off the Gaza Strip


since October, 1500 from

Port Au Prince since January.

Who is counting? You. Me.

Number fiends. Ghouls. Then


what about the attack that pierced

the two state mirage, have not’s

versus have’s staring at comforts

through the electrified fence,


then leaping above, and cutting

through, to slaughter civilians

dancing at a techno concert,

making breakfast for


their children? What?

To unleash the wrath

of the damned tyrant with

an overgrown hernia? I read


he has recovered from

his operation and is back

directing the infernal

tragedy. The other world


leaders are still in the game

as well, and the remaining

million Gazans alive

still, hungry.