Photo courtesy of ABC News

The party did not last very long. Inflation remains

beyond fifty percent, kerosene has not been unloaded

from the port, and the national coffers are fifty billion

dollars in debt, but the incompetent manager


and death squad leader has flown away, resigned,

yet his designated foil is on deck, and his party

still dominates parliament, and voting for

the interim president will be conducted by


the very same legislators– in secret yes, but

who will benefit if the designated one is chosen?

This is why I have hung up the party hat

and allowed deep-seated fear and melancholy


to announce itself again like a candidate for

an office who cannot win, with his noble gesture,

his grand concession speech, his protest vote.

And the street says the appointed one must go


as well. But will it hold firm now that Gota

has gone? Will the people rise for a second time?

Can this revolution occur in waves? Is there enough

energy and patience and anger towards the wily


fellow, soft-spoken yet speaking with a big fist—

time for law and order to be imposed he says

against the fascists. Oh my, what rhetoric.

No, my friends. Do not take your eyes away


from the buildings you just occupied. Be ready

to go back. Nobody wants to leave a job unfinished.