Photo courtesy of Twitter

We will not forget Mullivaikkal,

the shot, the strafed, the scissored,

and the cluster-bombed. We will


not forget holes in roofs, holes

in water tanks, holes in heads.

We will not forget sandy


baby bottles, toothbrushes

wrapped in seaweed, rotting

speed boat hulk on the beach


ten years after the murders, sifting

through memories and artefacts,

then briefly singing the anthem


in Tamil, building this monument

on the Jaffna University campus

to the tens upon tens of thousands


who perished–now the monument

bulldozed, soldiers cordoning off

the campus, Vice Chancellor unable


to oppose the heavy state machinery.

But not to worry. We will not forget.

And our children will not forget


and will remind the United Nations,

the European powers, India,

and America, that in the end


there cannot be peace without

memory, that people pressed down

will never forget the instruments


that torture them, the butts of rifles,

dark shades of the commanding

officer. Nothing will be forgotten.


stories told and retold, and eventually,

back in the capital of the conqueror

when the guard settles in for the night,


when the torture director goes to sleep

he will be surprised by his own right hand,

faithful servant, ready to slit his throat.


Watch Indran read his poem here