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Strengthening democracy in Sri Lanka: An open invitation to generate fresh ideas

How can we strengthen democracy in Sri Lanka?

From blue sky thinking to tried and tested ideas at the grassroots that need to scale up or be better recognised and supported, Groundviews invites you to create a unique catalogue of ideas on how post-war Sri Lanka can strengthen democratic governance.

Groundviews, as well as other online fora and media are already tremendously rich in engaging discussions on the trajectories of our post-war democracy. This is an opportunity to flag ideas that moved you to debate or action, or refine those featured elsewhere through your own experience and expertise.

You can easily submit your ideas, including attaching a video uploaded to YouTube. We encourage you to be succinct and go beyond current challenges, yet anchor your suggestions to the realities of our evolving context, cultures, politics and identities.

We strongly encourage those from the grassroots, or work closely with communities at the grassroots to contribute their ideas.

All you need to participate is a Google Account. If you’re on Gmail or using Google Apps, you already have one. Ideas can be submitted under your name, or anonymously.

At the end of six months, depending on quality and number of ideas generated, the top fifty submissions sent in and voted by you will be presented to government and civil society.

A similar exercise, conducted during the last US Presidential Election can be seen here and is a useful guide to help frame your submissions.

Important update

Please send in your ideas to the Google Moderator page set up for the purpose of this exercise. Please do NOT add your ideas as comments, since it defeats the purpose of a single repository that others can vote on and add on to.

If you have any technical difficult adding your idea(s) to Google Moderate, please send it in as a comment below asking us to add it in under whatever name you choose.