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Federalism in verse: An idea

A conversation with a friend over SMS when I was at a book launch recently:

Sanjana: “At Sumane’s book launch. Peace and federalism are supposedly nigh”
MR (Friend): “That sounds fun. So u chose that over the poet rapper. I think that’s the critical problem. We don’t have a song about federalism so people can’t relate to it”
Sanjana: “But we do right? Remember that YA*TV rap song on peace?”
MR: “Yes, but would it not be meaningful if Shehan and Anarkali sang Mege Pemwathage Pedral Wadaya?”
Sanjana: “Quite. But form would overwhelm content in your example”
MR: “Yes, but that is most peace agreements. I think I am so inspired I will write the lyrics 4 Sha FM. Soon 2 b most requested”

I think MR’s stumbled upon a great idea. History will record whether he will make a fortune as a lyricist for the federal movement in Sri Lanka.