Batticaloa, Peace and Conflict

TMVP in same dustbin as LTTE in the past?

After recent Vaharai events there is tension between Tamil and Muslim communities at Karbala in Kattankudy regarding land issues. I got further details from the Kattankudi Mosque Federation secretary. He said “ last two weeks a new clash arose due to resettlement of refugees at Kattankudy Karbala land. This land is owned by Muslims and Mosque. There was an issue after Tsunami regarding this land. Some NGO’s were try to build up housing scheme in this area. So we went to court and got an injunction order to stop the project. However now some efforts used to occupy the land after the Vaharai incident.”

“Behind this issues we heard that the TMVP taking involvement to capture the land. Actually there is no demand for the Muslim land. Because already over 30% Muslims living in 2.4% land ethnic wise in Batticaloa district and Tamils have vast land in surrounding areas. At the same time Kattankudy has a very high density of Muslim people living there. They don’t have enough land for current population. The only land they have is Karbala,” the Federation Secretary said. I came to know following this matter anonymous handbills issued among the communities to increase tension and Muslims going to arrange for the ‘harthal’ on Friday. Regarding this matter TMVP and Muslims leaders are discussing today to decrease tension among the communities.

In the past during the time of separation of ‘Karuna’ faction Muslims help the financial and human wise also, even now. However the Muslim feel every Tamil groups use Muslims assistance and declare them (Muslims) in the name of enemy when the groups get strength. Recent incidents have been questioning that the TMVP also going to follow the LTTE truck what spoiled the Tamil Muslims relationship.