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A Fresh Solution to the National Question

A few days back, a big poster published by one called Kosgoda Gnanaseeha Thero (B.A. Honors) of Pahingamuwa Gangarama temple could be seen pasted in some places in Kandy area. Its headline was “Solution to the National Question in Sri Lanka- Evict Three Million Aliens”. It was so descriptive that it looked like a whole […]

The killing of journalists and the Media Minister’s comments

My article published in Vikalpa, in Sinhala, deals with this government’s deplorable record of securing and strengthening media freedom in Sri Lanka in2007. My immediate response is to the Media Minister’s contestation of the recent PEC report that ranked Sri Lanka as the world’s 3rd most dangerous place for journalists. The Media Minister’s self-styled interpretation […]

Identity in Jaffna and Jewish Badge in Germany

Tamil residents in Jaffna are reportedly being forced to carry a special document of identification issued by security forces, in addition to the national identity card provided by the Emigration and Immigration Department. In other words, these Tamils have been ignominiously reduced, in the eyes of government authorities, to the status of non-nationals of their […]

Making Racism FUN for Kids

The Sunday Times (Wijeya Newspapers) has a children’s section titled FUNDAY. The December 9th FUNDAY carried a continuing series from the Mahavamsa titled The Defeat of the Cholas. The article has some choice bits of FUN storytelling such as: “the Sinhala soldiers fought bravely. Most of the Chola soldiers died in the fighting and the […]

The murder of the Brigadier’s wife and her child – A media critique in Sinhala

බ්රිගේඩියර් ගේ බිරිද ඝාතනය කිරීම හා ඇගේ දරුවා උවිදු කුරුකුලසූරීය ඊයෙයි අදයි සිංහල පත්තර බැලූවම පේන දෙයක් තමයි ලංකාවේ මාධ්යවේදීන්ට ළමා අයිතිවාසිකම් හා මාධ්ය භාවිතාව පිළිබද පුඵල් දැනුමක් නෑ කියන එක. මාකොළ දී බ්රිගේඩියර්වරයෙකුගේ බිරි`ද ඝාතනය කිරීම පිළිබ`ද සිද්ධියේ මහේස්ත්රාත් වාර්තාව ලංකාදීප ,දිවයින හා ලක්බිම පුවත් පත් වල පලවී තිබුණා. ඒ හැම වාර්තාවකටම අනුව පොලීසියෙන් […]

Groundviews Wins 2007 Award of Excellence in New Communications from Society for New Communications Research

5th December 2007, Colombo, Sri Lanka: Groundviews, Sri Lanka’s first citizens journalism website (, is pleased to announce that it is a recipient of a 2007 Award of Excellence in the Nonprofit division of the Society for New Communications Research Awards program. The Society honors innovative individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and media outlets […]

News Flash: I was not visited by a pink elephant

Yesterday, the front pages of several English papers the Daily Mirror and the Daily News amongst them carried an intriguing news flash: “British will not de-ban LTTE”, and “British government will not revoke LTTE ban”. Readers all over Sri Lanka could be pardoned for scratching their heads, furrowing their brows, and saying “Eh?” It is […]

Sri Lanka – Killing for Peace

Channel 4’s recent programme on Sri Lanka broadcast recently in England. As noted here, … the team making a documentary for Channel 4 was ordered to leave Sri Lanka’s embattled Jaffna peninsula on the orders of the country’s military [even though] reporter Sandra Jordan, camerawoman Siobhan Sinnerton and producer Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai had received permission from […]

The persuasive power of numbers and the mystery “8.5%” figure

Having decided to write in to for including what looked like a clear underestimation of the proportion of Tamils in its news items and to highlight the sensitive nature of a country’s ethnic make up (particularly of course Sri Lanka’s), I wanted to check for myself the veracity of what I was saying. I […]

The Government’s farcical international relations

The traditional Sinhala press has failed to report on the unmitigated farce that constituted the President’s recent visit to New York and the United Nations and the dire state of Sri Lanka’s international relations and diplomacy in general. My article brings out some of the salient points. For example, that friends and relatives of the […]

Speak for yourself

(This article was partly inspired by this article on Homosexuality, Buddhism and Sri Lankan Society) Quote from cited article: “A noble disciple should reflect like this: ‘If someone were to have sexual intercourse with my spouse I would not like it. Likewise, if I were to have sexual intercourse with another’s spouse they would not […]

Karuna Leaves The Country

TMVP leader V.Muralitharan alias Karuna leaves country to Briton few days ago leaving Pillayan for TMVP administration says several sources. At the same time Moulana reappointed as TMVP spokesman in place of Mahesh. Karuna, Pillayan issue was big headache for government and other anti LTTE groups earlier, as well as inside the TMVP. Few cadres […]

SMS news alerts during emergencies – The experience of JNW and the tsunami warning of 13th September 2007

Chamath Ariyadasa The coverage by the media of yesterday’s earthquake near Indonesia might be of interest to some readers, and as the editor of JNW, Sri Lanka’s first SMS news agency, I thought of penning my personal opinion and raising some issues that could be discussed further. My biggest concern at the moment, as a […]