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The Australian and a sardonic cartoon

Picture courtesy of The Australian, 29th October 2009

The above picture was published in the satirical Nicholson cartoon gallery which features in The Australian. The issue of refugees has been covered extensively in both local and foreign media. At present, Australia has found it cumbersome in dealing with the increase in refugees that are attempting to seek asylum within the country.

Groundviews would like to get the perspectives from its readers on what they gather from the cartoon.

  • Amara

    Given the fact that the Sri Lankan cricket team has embarassed itself by continuing to hold onto an individual whose bowling action is suspect, I find it rather amusing. We have enough cheats among our politicians, it is sad to see it exist in our cricket team.

  • cherry


    He missed the eye-patch, peg-leg and jolly-roger button on the Immigration officer. Then it’s truly funny ! 😉

  • Grim Hope

    I completely disagree with Amara on Murali’s comment and I protest. At least he has gone through all the legal protocols while politicians in Sri Lanka continue to violate all legal protocols!!!!!

  • Veedhur

    I thought the australians are not even letting the ship into their waters…..and the Indonesians probably don’t know much about cricket or murali….

  • I think it shows that Australians have progressed enough to poke fun at their “anal retentiveness” regarding the chucking! 🙂

  • Observer

    thats pretty funny. i dont understand why the ausies are making such a big deal about these illegals. they haven’t banned the ltte, so clearly they love the ltte. so why can’t they just give these poor ltte folk a new life there? oh well i guess money is a bit tight these days.