Photo courtesy of PBS


Do you think we can put this aside, forget, go

to the reading with books and introductions,

nothing nagging in gut and mind? No vision


of a baby wrapped in white clothes, buried

quickly before the next bomb falls? No startling

turn of the head to see the house built in 1948


bulldozed from the sky, the new method

employed by lords of sky, earth and sea,

two thousand pound bombs dropped on


neighborhoods, just like the Sri Lankan army

rained bombs day and night on the No-Fire Zone

near Nandikadal, the area where civilians were


supposed to gather? In Gaza every patch of land

is a target for retribution from the guard dog

gouging on his own feasting. He is Frankenstein,


the other side of Dorian, Netanyahu, Chief

Butcher of Gaza, along with his carnivorous

ministers, his one state dominion.