Photo courtesy of Namal Kamalgoda

On this Boxing Day, eighteenth anniversary

of the Tsunami I write about the year in which

the Aragalaya swept up and dispatched the ruler

of the ruling family. He fled first to Male,

to Singapore then Bangkok. Hearts and minds

gladdened on the island, in the world. The people

had gathered at Gotagogama and had achieved


an amazing victory. But Gota returned home

and is well taken care of. He remains free

of appearing before courts or being remanded

to jail; but history has judged him through

the jury of the people. And everything

his replacement does will also be judged.


So wake up Uncle. Release the prisoners

of the Aragalaya. Realize the promises

you made during talks with the Tamil

parties. Independence Day 2023 will

bring you and all of us glory if you

realize finally the peace we all want,


local government, federal management

within one state, one island, one Lanka.

But if February comes and goes

talking of the hope of 1948 and

forgetting the piercing pain

and blood spilled over these


traumatic years, then let us kiss

this New Year now and bury

it alive in the coffin of our

disappointment. No, friends,

countrymen, women, LGBTQ

and permanent residents,


and all children, do not let

this opportunity go. Give

peace a chance. Release all

the political prisoners when

you announce the new

federal state of Sri Lanka.