Photo courtesy of BBC

We will not be distracted. The emotion rushes

through us like a river enraged, if a river,

or a fault line, the heating jet stream, if these

can be given human volition, made intelligible


to the parliament-appointed fox, and ruler in a state

of undress, running a democracy to settle scores

with perceived enemies, whether students raising

 fists calling for books, jobs, light and food,


or women saying they are the only proprietors of

their bodies, and women calling for news of

their disappeared husbands and children, or doctors

and nurses asking for medicines to stave off


unnecessary dying. We are facing ruin, not only

on the island, and we need to marshal forces,

to unite the struggle, the Aragalaya, behind

a plan which cannot be vetoed, which represents


the only way out of the maze, and which

insists that nobody will be charged for

expressing opposition, for speaking and

singing from within, and against, the darkness.