Photo courtesy of WFMZ


Wait a minute Sanath. First congrats

on your appointment as Tourism Ambassador.

Now you say Sri Lanka is back and tourists

can come. But will the Prevention of

Terrorism Act apply to them? And what


of Kayleigh the Scot her passport confiscated,

visa annulled?  How did she transgress besides

snapping photos of what she saw? I don’t

believe she entered any sensitive military

barracks or presidential palaces. And explain


this new decree authorizing the Army

to maintain domestic order and aid

and abet the police? Yes six overseas

Tamil groups have been “delisted”.

And protests are smaller in number now


after the arrest of more than a hundred

ringleaders around the terrorized country.

But please fill in the dots. You want

religious visitors and you add that

Sri Lanka is much more than its beaches.


I quite agree. Sri Lanka is the P.T.A,

arbitrary arrest, with often no bail

and sometimes life sentences for

breaking a police barricade,

and still not enough paper or food.