Photo courtesy of Amalini de Sayrah


Why keep knocking at the front door

of that house? Let go. Go away. Go to sleep


and wake up refreshed. Build your own door.

Build your own house. Nobody can deny


what you gather with your hands, cement,

make solid. Nobody can deny democracy


at its root, individual choice and action,

although we know we are not atoms


flying about, that we live in communities

under laws that make the social contract.


Now is the time to tear it up, to start

again, to say we will no longer suffer


the mismanagement, indebtedness,

theft and punishment of its most


recent administrators, the ones

who would use the army and police


to silence our peaceful protest.

The Aragalaya will not be bullied


into submission.  We still need

food, petrol and medicine,


and we will keep building our house

on public land, on the country’s maidan.