Photo courtesy of AsiaNews

We are closing our eyes and we are opening them.

We are walking about the house looking at photographs.

We are calling old friends on the phone. Back at home

225 members of parliament will decide if we go ahead

In peace or if The Struggle continues on the streets,

in boardrooms and kitchens, on the island and abroad.


So much depends. Will each representative listen

to his inner drummer, his inner god, or the rustle

of cash in his pocket? Will each representative think

about the oldest democracy in South Asia and what

that means for children studying civics? Will

parliament live up to the grandeur and splendor


and promise of that day in 1948 when the dapper

and hopeful first members took their seats?

Will we begin again? We are praying with our eyes

open, and we will go to sleep knowing that when

we wake the future would have already raised some

hands in triumph and others in gestures of thanks.


That is our prayer. That is Our Struggle.