“Even today I believe he will return but if he doesn’t, let him remain missing. If you want to report that he disappeared on the 15th, you can do that. We would also think of him on the 15th.  I have nothing else to say. If we get compensation we will weep the entire lifetime that he is dead. 

Are you asking me to get compensation claiming that he is dead? I would die the moment I get compensation. I will never accept any compensation.”

A sister waits for the return of her brother. Fifteen years of being trapped underneath layers and layers of pain, sorrow, grief and uncertainty.

Subramaniam Ramachandran went missing on February 15, 2007. He was the Nelliyadi Divisional Correspondent of Tinakkural and Valampuri newspapers.

Watch a video documentary produced by Maatram that speaks to Subramaniam’s sister and his editor in chief Muthuthambi Vamadevan as they remember the day he went missing and how they dealt with his disappearance in the years that followed.