Featured image by Deshan Tennekoon
Text by Raisa Wickrematunge

She strikes a pose for the camera; arms akimbo, looking determined, her gaze locked into the distance. Watching her, the group laughs and shouts words of encouragement. The atmosphere is light and supportive. Yet, just five minutes later, one of the girls being photographed talks about the anxiety she feels, whenever she posts photos of herself online.

I feel like everyone’s watching everything you’re doing. Even what you wear… it sends a message,” Deshani Dharmadasa says. “It just adds to my anxiety.”

This group all has one thing in common – they have been targeted online, often through vicious commentary on their appearance.

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Groundviews would like to sincerely thank Deshan Tennekoon for his input, artistic integrity and the generous time he devoted to this project.