Galle, Human Security, Peace and Conflict, Poetry, Politics and Governance

Killer Representative

I am assembling the scene, a local hood
and his gang come to a Christmas Eve

gathering at a beach hotel, want to dance
with foreign women, see a bloke from town

trotting high with a blonde, but when
they ask for a spin, are spurned, although

they are hot shots in the area, their chief
an elected representative; they have guns

and knives in their pockets, or placed
discreetly on their reserved table, and

they tear a woman from her boyfriend,
cutting her up and him, then shooting.

Government in a tither, keeping press
at bay, we cannot have these stories

displayed in the West where similar
incidents take place in the most respected

capitals, says another representative,
and the perpetrators have been booked,

are under investigation, although the head
of the local governing council has been known

to kill in the past but nobody is sure who can,
or will, introduce historical evidence.