Photo from The Atlantic

I consider my self a political moderate. I value world peace, equity and justice. I sympathize with the USA on the calamity of 9/11. I abhor terrorism. However, I am also acutely aware of US imperialism which is globally pervasive in order to further US national interests. Fossil fuel is the most valuable and scarce natural resource essential to advance economic and political power. For centuries, the US and its western allies have commanded everything within their power to exploit it both covertly and overtly. It is no co-incidence that both Iraq and Libya, targets of the west, happen to produce the most superior fossil fuel in the world. Africa and Asia has also been subject to centuries of exploitation due to their abundant and valuable natural resources resulting in prosperity of the West at the expense of debilitating and chronic poverty of the exploited nations.

Whether one likes it or not, Bin Laden was undoubtedly, the single most powerful personality who posed a threat to US imperialism in recent times. As an Arab and as a member of one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia, he was privy to the geo political machinations of the West which he resisted at the cost of being an outcast of his family who together with the monarchy operate in connivance with US oil interests. In fact, his extended family were provided safe exit from the US via a charter flight with the compliments of oil magnate US President George Bush, Jr. soon after 9/11. Bin Laden used terrorism which was the cheapest, easiest and most lethal method available to him to intimidate the rapacious West and, indeed, he succeeded to a great extent. Building up a terrorist network must have been an easy task for bin Laden due to the abundantly available frustrated and impoverished youth in the region with little hope of personal advancement. Bin Laden terrorized ‘the Barbarians at the Gate’ by instilling fear in their hearts.

Now we see consequences of the corruptive influence of western imperialism through the unprecedented and colossal social upheaval in the oil rich world where, up to now, monarchies have acted as puppet regimes of the western world. Geo politically strategic countries like Egypt, which are not oil rich, have also been propped by the West in order to perpetuate puppet regimes. Amazingly, the public of these impoverished nations have suddenly emerged out of ignorance and apathy to finally comprehend the decades of exploitation they have been subject to during colonial as well as post colonial periods. They are now vehemently demanding the dismantling of corrupt monarchies who have exploited them for centuries to gain personal power and wealth. It appears that Bin Laden’s cause has now pervaded the hearts and minds of the Muslim world – thankfully, shedding off the violent means of terrorism in achieving their ends.

Although many of us may not know it and may even wish to deny it, Osama Bin Laden stood as a modern bulwark against western imperialism. His cause was valid but his tactics were illegitimate. Yes, thousands of innocent civilians in the West became victims of Bin Laden’s overt terror. However, much more lives have been sacrificed in impoverished nations due to covert exploitation and geo political manipulations by the West.

The alleged killing of Bin Laden by US special forces is the biggest hoax pulled off by the US Govt for the following reasons:

  1. It distracts the world from the collateral damage due to targeted air attacks by NATO against Libyan military command centres, a few days ago, resulting in the death of Gadhaffi’s son and three innocent children of his extended family. Death of innocent civilians is tragic whoever they maybe, particularly, children. The US which is the self claimed policeman and conscience of the world cannot afford the world wide negative publicity that this targeted act of aggression warrants. The best option would be to distract the world’s attention from it with a sensational killing in another part of the world in order to display the courage and bravery of the US armed forces.
  2. The alleged elimination of the West’s most wanted terrorist, Bin Laden, will definitely be a major factor in Obama’s re-election for a second term which is currently in the balance. The euphoria of the American public is being beamed world wide for international publicity and endorsement.
  3. The disposal of Bin Laden’s alleged body within hours of his killing, by a suspicious ‘burial at sea’ which, as a consequence, can never be recovered for a post mortem, is far too devious to ignore. Also, allowing the televised burning down of his ‘Palace’ to the view of the rest of the world is even more suspicious. Surely, more evidence of the Al Qaeda network could have been extracted from the site by quelling the fire.

All one can say is Hallelujah! God Bless America! The self proclaimed Savior of the World.