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“Chiran Jayathu” – “Aayubowewa”

Let all as citizens comprising the civil society of Sri Lanka, join together in unison and with one voice, in response to the earnest appeal made by Renton de Alwis in “Back to Basics” stating

“Our President is taking on the next phase of his governance. There is so much more he has to do to guide this nation on. For that we must wish him well and more importantly, resolve that there is so much each of us as individuals and as one big family of 20 million people can and must do, to help ourselves”

and wish H.E. the President on his birthday and assumption of his second term of office saying “Chiran Jayathu” and “Aayubowewa”, Happy Birthday and All the Very Best, thus expressing sincere appreciation of his leadership and governance of the past and also for the expected delivery in the future as supported by the following:

  • “I am proud to announce that my country has succeeded in eliminating one of the most brutal terrorist groups in the world. This group was not a liberation movement but an anti-national separatist cult that glorified violence. Sadly they were able to propagate their cult of violence and hatred in some countries which, for understandable but unjustifiable political reasons, seemed less than forthright in their opposition to terrorism that did not seem to threaten them”. H.E President Rajapaksa
  • “There are no minorities in this country. After the conclusion of the war all Sri Lankans are divided into two main categories––patriots and traitors -“ H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa
  • “If there is one person who should get the credit for the military victory it should be President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is the captain of this entire team effort. It is his unwavering leadership, determination, commitment and proper understanding that made the difference- Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda
  • “Not a single LTTE cadre or civilian was killed during the Vanni humanitarian operation. The Army received them as Sri Lankan citizens,” Major General Shavendra Silva
  • AN ITN news anchor says that “the Sri Lankan government will be taking legal action against Channel 4 over the execution video it aired.”
  • From ‘Just War’ to ‘Just Peace’ – Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka
  • “President Rajapaksa is the best representative of National Democracy “-Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka
  • “The government’s objective is to enable the people to enjoy the benefits of the democratic processes and to speed the development activities in those areas where there is a heavy presence of terrorists. This would be similar to the fast tracking of economic development taking place in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, where former terrorists now function as democratically elected Provincial Councillors, and a former child soldier conscripted by the LTTE is now the elected Chief Minister, having abandoned terrorism and embracing democracy” H.E . President at the UN in 2008
  • “We will not compromise the country’s sovereignty. I believe when we make progress the EU will find it difficult not to extend the GSP facility to us. If they still don’t, then we will be compelled to assume the EU is working on a different agenda. We have made contingency plans to secure jobs in the event of no GSP but if we succeed in getting this facility life will be much easier.” Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe
  • “The external parties should allow Sri Lanka to deal with its internal issues without the interference from external forces.” Â Sri Lanka’s UN Representative
  • “Without any doubt Ban Ki Moon (Bakamoona) is behaving like a puppet of vicious America and its western ally.” Minister Wimal Weerawansa
  • A Prime Minister with a large heart” invites parents without throwing away unwanted children to deliver them to “Visusmpaya” where he has enough space and also time to look after their welfare and future”.
  • “Sri Lanka the fastest growing Asian economy after China” Singapore Deputy Prime Minister.
  • “The vision of the Government is to make the transition faster to an emerging economy. The President has already declared a 4,000 dollar per capita income target by 2016.This is the destiny we are looking at. His Excellency the President has now declared that the economy must move towards USD 4,000 per capita income range, which implies that the economy must grow well in excess of eight percent instead of six percent, which Sri Lanka maintained during the last five years. As far as His Excellency’s vision is concerned it is not purely about achieving a per capita income target, but ensure that every household in Sri Lanka will have a decent house with basic sanitary facilities, access to water, have access to electricity, access to telecommunication and technology. Sri Lanka is going to be a knowledge hub. The Government is promoting a knowledge based economy” Dr P.B. Jayasundera Secretary Treasury.
  • The Government retaining the key to achieve USD 4000 per capita not in 2016 but even next year by adjusting the USD parity to be around one USD = Rs. 50/=”- A former CEO of a leading export conglomerate
  • “Sri Lanka must prepare to face global currency war – Minister of Social Services
  • “Given the country’s recent economic performance, there is good reason to be hopeful. Despite the financial, fuel and food crises around the world, which turned in to full-blown economic recession, our economy demonstrated its resilience by recording a 3.5 % growth in 2009. Even more remarkably, it achieved a growth of 6.2% in final quarter of the year. This, in my opinion, is the beginning of a new era of economic prosperity”. Former Federation of Chambers President Kosala Wickramanayake
  • “The Government expects to encourage export of local products. The export of local products will immensely support the country’s economic development.” Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva (*Exchange Rate one USD = Rs. 110.88 (18th October 2010), Rs. 113.63 (1-1-2010)
  • “The Government under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapakse has created a conducive environment to expand local manufacturing sector and also to ensure their competitiveness” Minister of Industry and Commerce –(Sri Lanka’s global competitiveness ranking 62nd place among 139 nations)
  • The government has set in motion a plan to earn 40 percent of government’s income from the Hambantota Port in 10 years. The Hambantota Harbour project in addition will create direct and indirect employment opportunities for 25,000 people,” Ports and Aviation Deputy Minister
  • “The buzz word of today is Sri Lanka as a hub. Financial hub, maritime hub, shopping hub, knowledge hub and the like… so why not a creative hub?” Rohantha Athukorala
  • “The Colombo Stock Exchange became the best performing capital market in the world recording a growth of 111 percent. All Share Price Index (ASPI) of the CSE crossed 7,000 milestone creating history (2nd October 2010)”. ASPI 6565 on 16th October with year to date net foreign sales of Rs. 25.6 billion)
  • “Whilst in India several politicians, leaders in governance and business persons have been charged or have resigned based on corruption related offences, in Sri Lanka no politician, leader in governance or business (with the exception of General Sarath Fonseka) have been charged or resigned ” Anti Corruption Campaigner
  • Govt spending should benefit public – President
  • There are some 300 other relations who occupy important government positions! “Who gave those figures? 300 relations … I will tell you, the whole country is related to me. The whole country. ” H.E. President Rajapaksa
  • “The wife of a Minister sentenced to death by the Colombo High Court for abducting and murdering a woman believed to be the Ministers mistress and her domestic aide in view of the International Women’s Day.”-Island
  • “The former Ratnapura Saman Dewale Basnayake Nilame who was sentenced to life over the killing of his mistress was released by the Colombo High Court based on a Presidential pardon”. Daily Mirror
  • “The Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s Disciplinary Committee appointed to probe into alleged charges relating to a Samurdhi Officer being tied to a tree in Kelaniya has acquitted the former Deputy Minister of Highways Mr. Mervin Silva. The committee has stated that there was no evidence that the alleged act was carried out by the Deputy Minister, and he was responsible for punishing the Samurdhi officer following an anti-dengue campaign. The Committee points out that the Samurdhi Officer had also claimed that he had willingly let himself be tied to a tree symbolising a traditional village punishment of old. The official has claimed that this was only a demonstration to discourage others from shirking their responsibilities and he had volunteered himself be tied to a tree”.
  • New Approach Towards Media – “”I believe in a relationship where we could disagree, argue and completely ignore each other, but no one has the right to insult each other.” Minister Rambukwela
  • What is wrong in earning foreign currency by allowing foreign tourists to come and engage in gaming? – Minister of Social Services (Will this rationale be extended providing sources for prostitution, human trafficking, smuggling,  and dealing in narcotics for foreign exchange?
  • “National Tree Planting Programme to be held on 15th of November where 1.1 million trees will be planted island wide within 11 minutes” – Minister of Environment Anura Priyadharshana Yapa
  • “Hambantota in Sri Lanka is a Candidate City for the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and is presently in the process of preparing its bid document to secure its candidature.” –Daily Mirror
  • “The World Buddhist Congress awarded the World Fellowship of Buddhists’ Grand Award to the President for his invaluable service to the well-being of Buddha Sasana and for the Buddhist revival in the island. ” Colombo Pages
  • “4000 kilograms of kiribath, the traditional Lankan coconut milk-rice dish, sounds a bit too appetising. The ingredients: 1200 kg of white rice, 300 kg of cashew, 250 kg of jaggery, 1500 coconuts and a group of five-star chefs; enough to feed 65000 people for the birthday and 2nd term of office” Hindustan Times.(A Guinness record)
  • “We have risen to the challenge to make our country the miracle of Asia,” the President said after commissioning the new harbour at Magampura, Hambantioa
  • “It is time to build independent people not dependent on the world” H.E President Rajapaksa

-Happy 20 Million Sri Lankan Family-