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The Travelling Circus on video: Looking at war and IDPs through theatre

Obligingly recorded by Young Asia Television at the request of Groundviews, we are pleased to present a full-length video recording of a technical rehearsal / run-through of The Travelling Circus, produced by Mind Adventures, directed by Tracy Holsinger and recently staged in Colombo.

An in-depth review of the production is published on Groundviews here.

[UPDATE, 16 December 2016: Apologies. The original content producer has taken down the video off Vimeo.]

The production divided opinion, with some liking it and others, with equal passion, disliking it.

This full-length video of the production (even though it is a technical rehearsal) records for posterity one of the first theatre productions in post-war Sri Lanka interrogating vital yet often marginalized issues such as psycho-social trauma and human displacement due to war. Those who missed the production in Colombo, including those in the diaspora, are strongly encouraged to watch this video and leave their comments. We were also told that some at the edge of the audience couldn’t hear what was said on stage due to poor sound transmission. This video gives them another chance to catch the production’s interesting wordplay and themes.


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