Colombo, Peace and Conflict, Poetry, Politics and Governance, Post-War


Bodies in the river and a riot in town
Stones thrown, belts flying, youth going down

Vans on the prowl and cops on the loose
Gangsters, mobsters, drugs and booze

Kids committing suicide, but still no justice
Only transfers, denials and all the usual practice

Drains overflowing, thousands behind wire
Journalists, diplomats, and NGO’s under fire

Baby elephants taken away, MP’s going strong
Fancy cars, foreign trips, their kith and kin can do no wrong

To protest is foolish, you’ll only be struck down and shoved out of the way
Banners, flags, posters and cut-outs are the order of the day

So I’ll stop for now, watch the cricket and have some fun
Coz after all, it’s just another day in our island in the sun!