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Old Truths and Old Men

Stupid Old Men

I don’t want to end up being a stupid old man
Just look at what they have done to our world in vain
What’s the big deal in going to the moon
As he yet settles score by inflicting pain
War on terror, crusade or witch hunts
Stupid old men run scared to ruin
Peace on earth has little chance to shine

I wonder whether it’s the testosterone drain
that give men the jitters when age is on the gain
I need to wise up and control this mind game
Or else I will end up a stupid old man

Dig not my heals in the old men’s club
When science of Descartes takes the quantum leap
Calling it mumbo jumbo quackery they oppress
The new magic of now you see and now you don’t
Prophesies are fulfilled with the power of belief
Believe love and happiness, we get well
Believe hate and sadness, we get sick

The new science says we are all joined at the hip
The birds, trees, stones and oceans of hope
Effects have a cause so it is all linked up
So I better be mindful of what I say and do
Compassion and love for everything too
Or I will also end up a stupid old man – hell no !!


In our desperate search for truth, we cling on to explanations supposedly scientifically proven and then anchor our beliefs on them.  Once we decide on such a truth, it becomes gospel and we defend it at all cost.   When we are certain, we invest in this truth, build infrastructure and create empires.  When we invest our time and wealth, we are entrenched and then defend this truth at all cost. 

Such is this truth that matter and mind are separate.  We have had 500 years of this truth and shed much blood to defend it.  Now we see our folly, yet reluctantly, as we have invested too much in it.   We are still shedding blood for it, like we see in the middle-east and other wars that are going around in the world.

The mind – matter separation undeniably destroys our environment and society, as we are not looking at our universe as a part of one system.   As long as we live on the truth that the human is supreme, we will continue this destruction. 

Yet, we have now a new generation of humans who have a more balanced view.  The old truths are being questioned, especially in the industrialized world, who will be most impacted by any change for the larger good.   Call them ‘cultural creatives’ or ‘tempered radicals’, they will no doubt have to and many are willing to give up a certain lifestyle they have been used to through this change. 

Yet, the wealth and power lies in the hands of the ‘old men’ who cling to the old truth.  The arms, oil industry and the medical establishment are their pillars. 

Say to them, oil destroys the environment and they fight back.  Say to them ayurveda and homeopathy is more holistic, they condemn it. 

By the time we change all this it may be too late for us. The establishment maybe old but they have a lot of life in them yet.

So how do we get these old men to question these old truths?

How do we nudge them to think about this world as a part of one system ?

How do we help them to get out of their Cartesian slumber ? 

Ideas are welcome !!