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Karuna Leaves The Country

TMVP leader V.Muralitharan alias Karuna leaves country to Briton few days ago leaving Pillayan for TMVP administration says several sources. At the same time Moulana reappointed as TMVP spokesman in place of Mahesh. Karuna, Pillayan issue was big headache for government and other anti LTTE groups earlier, as well as inside the TMVP.

Few cadres were killed from both sides in last few months. Finally Pillayan controlled the Trincomalee District, while Batticaloa, Ampara was under control of Karuna’s faction.

The TMVP cadres were mentally tired regarding the deviation.
However Pillayan mostly focused on political wise as well as military from beginning. He received the goodwill and trust from the Tamil, Muslim communities and within the TMVP.

After the deviation few Karuna cadres created tension among the communities. Also the other Tamil movements like EPDP, EPRLF, TELO, etc had worried regarding TMVP activities in the east. Several clashes happened recently.

Specially the Muslim community suspected or mistrusted the TMVP due to several incidents. Therefore Pillayan launched to recapture the eastern part from Karuna carder domination. Cold war continued. Finally Karuna decided to leave the country again. The two main reasons for Karuna’s decision are believed to be:

1. Economic crisis among the TMVP.
2. Pillayan’s strength and trust growing among the TMVP carders.

The first reason created misunderstanding and mistrust on Karuna and other leadership. Corruption might be in the head of mechanism says one of their carder.

The senior members earned big sums of money while at the same time normal carders were given only 6000 Rupees per month. Few leaders were trying to earn more if the opportunity arose. Mnagalam Master (one of Karuna’s military leaders) treasured up over 300 thousand Rupees valuable ancient treasure in the government liberated area recently.

Even a rupee has been spending for the movement says another carder. These issues create unhappy among the TMVP carders.

The second reason was very important issue military wise among the TMVP. Because of Pillayan, build up his strength day by day among the TMVP. Every step was taken to isolate Pillyan from TMVP was failed in the past.

This approaching gave the invisible threaten to Karuna. In the mean time one of the international country might be involved in Karuna -Pillyan clash and give the pressers to be come finish with secret negotiation says military analysis.

However the TMVP‘s internal clash solved. But what will happen for Thileephan, Jayam and few carders of anti Pillayan alliance in future. Will the Pillayan reduce the tension among the communities and other Tamil parties like EPDP, EPRLF, and TELO etc? Will the total problems get solved?