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Permission To Travel Out Of Jaffna

All of our politicians says Sri Lanka is a one country and solve the ethnic problem within one nation but they treat Tamils like citizens from another country. One Jaffna Journalist was recently invited for the SAFMA (South Asian Free Media Movement) meeting held recently in Colombo. But Jaffna people who wish to leave Jaffna must take clearance from the Security forces MOD.

He went to the Gramasevaka’s office, and the gramasevaka said come with your ration card, so that then he would recommend to take the application form. He got the application from the AGA’s office and filled everything gone to the gramasevaka’s office again to get it signed from the gramasevaka.

The gramasevaka instructed that he takes 4 photo copies of his NIC and passport size photo and a form selling in the bookshops printed in Sinhala and type a letter to the brigade commander mentioning the purpose of your visit.

He did everything, then the gramasevaka recommend his application, he went to the AGA’s office again and took the sign.

After that he went to the Military Commanders office and handed over the aplication, they said they were going to close the office today and for him to come tommorrow with a file to keep his application. Next day he went to the Army camp and handed over his application.

The soldier instructed him come tomorrow, he visited to tha Army camp next day the soldiers said our Commander was busy he didn’t sign your application come tomorrow.

The journalist went to the camp next day, the soldiers handed over his application and instructed him hand over the application at the area Commanders office. He went to the area commanders office and handed over the application and told them he want to travel to Colombo urgently.

They said come tommorrow, he visited to the camp next day they handed over his application and sent him to other Military camp, that camp incharge told him come in the evening. The journalist went to the camp in the evening and the Commander issued the clearence for him to leave Jaffna.