In March 2010, Groundviews launched a unique initiative online to ascertain what citizens perceived and accepted as democracy in Sri Lanka.

To date, 74 people have submitted 42 ideas and cast 596 votes, but what do YOU think?

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To coincide with a planned in-depth survey on democracy in Sri Lanka by Social Indicator, the polling arm of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, we are revisiting this initiative that when launched last year generated a lot of buzz online.

From blue sky thinking to tried and tested initiatives that need to scale up or be better recognised and supported, we invite you to co-create a unique catalogue of ideas on how post-war Sri Lanka can strengthen democratic governance. We strongly encourage those from the grassroots, or work closely with communities at the grassroots to contribute their ideas.

Please vote on the ideas you like, contribute your own, and pass on the word to participate!

  • Hope this initiative is in all three languages! If in English its only going to give a small portion of the real views on Sri Lankan democracy and obviously you know that.

    Wishing the initiative well!

  • Don’t just wish the initiative well, participate in it!

  • Teresa Schaffer of the US said in Chennai recently ” I don’t have any clear sense on how one can persuade the Sri Lankan leader on reconciliation,”

    No one can ever make SL genuinely reconcile and bring the war criminals to justice, let alone Schaffer !!

    Does’nt the US know it. Surely it knows, but it wants to bootlick India.

    India is the trouble maker. What is needed in India and SL is a people’s uprising as in Tunisia and Egypt.

    It will come soon. Let us then see as to how the US would react.

    Surely, the US policy against the independence of Tamil Eelam, will make The US have no other way of reconciliation in The island of SL and TE !!

    • Naren Senaratna

      Sam Thambipillai, you seem to be one of the remnants of the almost fully crushed LTTE Tamil Terrorists who abandoned your own kind to go and settle down in the UK or some other Nation in Europe [Edited out] … why don’t you come to Sri Lanka and see for yourself the actual development that’s taking place and how happy the Tamil People are in the North and East? We as a Nation are finally free and both the Sinhala and Tamils are gradually getting back to normal and trusting each other once again. [Edited out.]

  • The Mervyn Silva

    Nobody is going to be rising up against the goernment in Sri Lanka. I am not knowing why everybody is talking like the Egypt and the Tunisia is like the Sri Lanka. We are having something the egypt and Tunisia are never having. Tamils! The moment there is uprising we are going to be pointing to the Tamils and saying this is all big terrorist conspiracy to be dividing and breaking up this little island nation that is surviving for 2500 years to be safeguarding the Buddhism. Then all the idiots who are going to be doing the uprising are going to be going home to be listening to the patriotic songs and waiting for the next victory to celebrate.

    • Gallus

      Why are you so sarcastic about winning the war? The SriLankan nation was battered by the terrorists for over quarter century. There were hundreds of sucide bombs. attacks in trains, buses, rural areas etc. Now we all can live well in one country under the same flag without any fear.

      • Dear Gallus,
        Now we all can live under the ‘Sinhala’ flag. Full stop.

        ps. Is this really ‘ONE’ country? Maybe for the Sinhala Buddhist majority it is ‘Their’ country…but to most of the minorities it is just a beautiful low lying country, inhabited by a majority of low lying people who regularly vote for low lying politicians.

      • Gallus

        Please name a single country with two national flags. Are you telling here what the terrorists had been doing was right?

  • Davidson

    Groundviews, pl excuse me – I’ll come back with something on DEMOCRACY. But I’m tempted to comment first on:

    ”Teresa Schaffer of the US said in Chennai recently ” I don’t have any clear sense on how one can persuade the Sri Lankan leader on reconciliation.”


    CEYLON : A DIVIDED NATION, B H Farmer(1963):
    ”The truth, though unpalatable may be to some, is simply that nobody unacceptable to the present Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism has any chance of constitutional power in contemporary Ceylon.
    But need it have been as violent as in fact it was? Constitutional safeguards might considerably have done something to control the violence of the communal dispute; though, since the Senanayake Government found a way of disenfranchising the Indian Tamils one is left to wonder what value other safeguards might have had in the event and in the Ceylon setting.”

  • Davidson

    It’s easier to talk about, and practise, GOOD GOVERNANCE.
    Why worry about the ambiguous term DEMOCRACY?

    GG leads to justice and peace.
    D ??

  • Davidson

    OK. We can define Democracy and go from there.
    As these are ”LLRC days” and ”Reconciliation days”, I’d like to see correcting the spelling and grammatical mistakes brought in by (not-so-good) quality (”tape-to-type”) transcript in the submissions posted on LLRC website for Sinhalese and Tamil children to read and know what has been happening in the first 40/50 years of post-independence Sri Lanka.

  • ward

    One aspect of democracy is openness. Though LLRC took a long time to post the submissions on its website, they are trying to be democratic and have now posted the submissions.
    These submissions are good lessons for our children to read and to know the history of the first 3/4/5 decades of post-independence.
    Though there were complaints about the govt-appointed members of LLRC, they are trying to be democratic and have made the first set of recommendations for immediate implementation.

    One Commissioner has been open:
    16 February 2011: Mr Palihakkara said human rights should be upheld in Sri Lanka and that the authorities should launch “humanely responsive policies” to address “the real concerns of the conflict victims’ communities, especially the minorities”.

    Democracy is not completely dead in Sri Lanka and can be hopefully revived.

  • ward

    ”The proceedings here in the Lessons Learnt and
    Reconciliation Commission itself should be conveyed to the international community and
    therefore a more pro active and aggressive even campaign by our diplomats will be
    necessary going and talking to the governments and to the international organizations to
    which they are accredited on this issue.”

    All the more reason for the presenters to look at the transcripts of their own proceedings and to rectify. I know only some of the episodes of the history covered and I can see that some spellings give ideas opposite to the intentions/reality.

  • manga

    Democracy has to balance the needs of local fishermen in the regions against selling their livelihood beaches to rich businessmen for hoteliers and tourists.