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‘Uncivilising’ Sri Lanka

The SLPC Chairperson, Hudson Samarasinghe, is using vulgar telecasts and thereby contributing to the degeneration of language and public discourse within the country. The rudest forms of language used to refer to persons and the manner in which people are referred to publically are those which are considered in the language as most unacceptable. Such telecasts which last for hours are aired every day and the resultant adverse impact on the public discourse and the mentalities of person is enormous. This particularly has an adverse effect on young children who would use the language habits that they learned in the school by watching such public discourse. The language that is use is such that angry people use when they are quarrelling and is not the type of language that is used in civilised discourse.

The same type of degeneration is caused by the language of the Minister, Mervyn Silva who uses similar language even in parliament. It is the language of street thugs and is not suitable for any kind of public discourse. In public interviews telecast over the television a similar type of behaviour is exhibited by such politicians.

Meanwhile in the streets the dealing of illegal drugs is rampant and this is spreading into all parts of the country. There are no effective strategies to deal with the widespread distribution of drugs which once again affects the younger generation in particular in the most adverse ways. In much of such activities the connivance of the law enforcement agencies has been provided through the politicians and their influence in the government.

The electoral process is beset with ongoing violence. The accusation of the government’s abuse of resources and propaganda means are made endlessly. However, there is no attempt at all in any way to minimise or to undo the electoral violence. Everywhere the expectation is of the enormous odds that are created for the opposition political campaign and the possible use of fraudulent forms of voting in every possible form.

Throughout the country there is a cry against corruption of every form. The accusation of massive corruption involving the leadership of the government has been made in every corner and there has been no attempt by the government to deny any of the allegations. On the other hand there is no possibility of investigation into the massive forms of corruption that has spread all over. Not only is there corruption the likelihood of the spread of this corruption in every possible form has become the general expectation.

Making all this possible there is a complete state of lawlessness in the country and there is no agency that is capable of enforcement of the law. The powerful influence from the government works to subjugate the policing system and the police hierarchy is perceived by the public to be in complete subordination to the regime. No policemen are capable of taking appropriate action according to the law because of the repercussions they would face as a consequence.

Obtaining redress from the courts is marred by the absence of any form of protection for witnesses. Violence against witnesses has become part of the legal structure. Faith in agencies such as the Attorney General’s Department has been lost completely.

While the struggle in many nations is to overcome their limitations and to improve the civilised practices within their countries in Sri Lanka today it is a journey towards lawlessness and the abandonment of every possible convention that is known to civilisation. The political regime in power is doing everything in its power to ‘uncivilise’ the nation.

  • jayathilaka

    the minister of cultural affairs and minister of media should take the responsibility of using such vulgar and obsene language by any media personnel as their miniteries are supposed to monitor thesy type of things but unfortunately they have been neglecting what is expected by the decent and civilized people in Sri lanka .and the president is boasting about a decent society under his “MATATA THITA”programme where as the streets are rampant with drug dealers and drug users.and the corruption in all sorts has been the call of the day and been an apidemic .regarding all these government should make an public apology before asking people to vote for them

  • no_frames

    “The same type of degeneration is caused by the language of the Minister, Mervyn Silva who uses similar language even in parliament”

    Aye! Kumaratunga Munidasa will be proud if he hear how UNP MPs use their vocabulary.

  • Prasad Perera

    It is no surprise that Hudson Samarasinghe has shown his true colors. I could remember how he called himself PUNCH PREMADASA when he contested election which he lost when Mr. Premadasa was in power. I could recollect how Hudson organized some Buddhist Monks for a show of strength in support of then the President Premadasa at the public library with Mr. Ratnasiri Rajapaksa. This was against Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake. It was the same Hudson who had come to pledge his support to Gamini Dissanayakes house when Gamini contested the presidential elections. Infact he contested as a candidate in that election to gain air time for Mr Disanayake. Then I saw him as a supporter of former president Chandrika Bandaranayake and now as a supporter of the present president. I am not surprised if he makes another U TURN when General comes to power. But I am sure he will not be tolerated anywhere near . There these are the jokers in politics that makes the public arena interesting watching their changing colors like the traffic color lights


    yes indeed, there are all other active law makers who even use much more rude sinhala when they want to sling muds on their opponents. One of them is Wimal weerawanse. He is used to use the words that we then heared from pettah street people when passing that area. Very recently, I asked myself why the psychologists, sociologists or other professionals who work for lanken universities remain silent not even passing their views about those impolite word usages. On the otherhand, how can we expect that much from the lanken society, whose current president is obviously seen to be the most corrupt head of state that lanka produced after independence. I could not hear any word or article written about what he has to say on the matters of loss of tsunami funds. All others back him also seem to be paying a blind eye for the issue. However, foreign missons will be waiting them to give them a clear explaination about loss of collosal amounts of funds donated for the country on behalf of tsunami victims.


    The present administration has declined the confidence of the public on Criminal Investigation Department within the country stated the Senior Presidential Counsel and the former Additional Solicitor General Srinath Perera at a news conference held in Colombo yesterday.

    I have been serving in the Attorney General’s Department since 1971. We had certain problems with the Criminal Investigations Department even at that time. But we had confidence in a report provided by the CID.

    But in the recent past that confidence was indistinct with regard to the CID. Many investigations were carried out taking media people and various individuals but none of them were rational.

    The most recent incident is taking Ven. Dambara Amila into custody. If somebody is taken into custody by the CID, a fraud should exceed Rs 3 million. According to the Police the amount at this incident is less than Rs 30 lakhs. On the other hand it is the driver of Ven. Amila who is linked with this incident who has not been taken into custody so far. Consequently it is very obvious that there is a political motive behind in taking Ven. Amila into custody.
    It is a well-known fact that the Criminal Investigation Department also activated like the Police on political influence in the recent past. It is apparent that the confidence on the CID and the Police has declined and the integrity of these Institutions has vanished.

  • SLBC-Watch

    Today’s programme in ‘Subarathi’ (30 December) in SLBC, reveals how SLBC’s is used for election propaganda. Here Jackson Anthony is interviewed at length. According to him one family, enjoying all power and privilege is nothing wrong. With lengthy references he reveals that local, Jathika and Deesheeya tradition is that of one family to hold and keep power. He says that, it was the British who brought alien traditions of democracy. Now alas, such colonial traditions are rejected and old local culture is re-enforced, as it should be.
    This is how SLBC answers to the charge of Rajapakse family abusing power to its advantage. SLBC under Hudson Samarasinghe calls for return to rural Lanka, with rural language and all.

  • samuelj

    media has become so vulguar due to politicians that watching news with children has become embarassing. The language, tone etc is rediculous. Whom do we turn to in such a situation?

  • Lanka Encounters the Third Kind

    Hudson Samarasinghe – the Howard Stern of Sri-Lanka – rocks!!!