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Peace Counts

Bad news is good news: The notion that disaster and despair are more newsworthy than peace and harmony is widely known. Countries like Columbia, Israel, Northern Ireland and the Philippines have had their fair share of disaster and despair, but this is not what the Peace Counts project is focusing on. The photographic exhibition arrived […]

Students Missing In Jaffna

– More Information Added Feb 28 – Two students are missing in Vadamaradchi. P.Yaseetharan and K.Sivaruban, who are Uduppidy American Mission students, are missing since Sunday afternoon. Their parents have made a complaint at the Human Rights Commission Jaffna branch. Both of them went to private tuition by motorbike and so far they didn’t come […]

Thoughts on Chatroom, a play by Enda Walsh directed by Tracy Holsinger

Photo credit: Christian Northeast Chatroom, directed by Tracy Holsinger and produced by Mind Adventures Theatre Company, was a refreshing departure from banal productions that usually feature in Colombo. Dealing with suicide and online communication, the script by Enda Walsh, an Irish playwright, explores the understanding of and responses to depression, suicide and ultimately, human relationships […]

Isolation and International Relations

One of the warnings sounded by ex-minister Samaraweera was about the certainty of the international isolation of Sri Lanka if President Rajapaksa did not move to address the culture of impunity and the deterioration of human rights protection in Sri Lanka.  This too has the hallmarks of the Premadasa regime when populist authoritarianism was laced […]

14 இணையத்தளங்கள்…

-நாரதர்- கடந்த ஒரு தசாப்தகாலத்திற்கு முற்பகுதியில் இலங்கையின் உள்நாட்டுப்போர் தீவிரமாக இருந்தபோது விடுதலைப்புலிகளுக்கு எதிராகவோ இராணுவத்திற்கு எதிராகவோ (அரசாங்கத்திற்கு) வாய்திறந்து தமது உண்மையான விமர்சனங்களையும் நடுநிலைமையான கருத்துக்களையும் தெரிவிக்கமுடியாமல் தினறின அப்போதைய ஊடகங்கள்.விசேடமாக தமிழ். ஆனால் நவீன ஊடகங்களின் வருகையினால் இந்நிலைமை தகர்த்தெறியப்பட்டுள்ளது.உதாரணமாக விடுதலைப்புலிகளின் செயற்பாடுகளை முன்பு விமர்சிக்கமுடியாததொரு சூழ்நிலையே காணப்பட்டது.அவ்வாறு செயற்பட்டால், ஊடகங்களின் வாய்கள் துப்பாக்கி முனையில் நிறுத்தப்பட்டு அவை வரலாற்று சான்றுகளாகியுள்ளன. இருந்த தமிழ் ஊடகங்களும் பெரும்பாலும் விடுதலைப்புலிகளுக்கு சார்பாகவே செயற்பட்டும் வந்துள்ளன. இணையத்தளங்கள், […]

Gender and Journalism

For the past three decades, journalism in Sri Lanka has been dominated by men, and as a career it has generally been discouraged amongst women. Things are changing and female journalists are now employed in nearly all newsrooms in print, broadcasting, as well as electronic and online media. Furthermore, the issues covered go far beyond […]

Exit strategies

As of February 2007 3,103 US Soldiers have been killed and, 23,279 others seriously wounded in Iraq. $505 billion of US taxpayers’ funds, including $70 billion for fiscal year 2007 have been spent or approved for spending and President Bush is expected to request another $100 billion in war-spending for 2007 and $140 billion for […]

Daily Propaganda

The Daily News is a state owned newspaper. What it publishes parrots and praises the party line and is usually taken with a grain of salt. Lately, however, it requires at least a kilo. The front page has a little box which for weeks has been attacking the Editor of the Sunday Leader personally, even […]

The Unraveling of Chinthanaya Alliances

The electoral alliances Mahinda Rajapaksa forged to win the presidency are unraveling faster than expected.  The relationship with the JHU  and the commitment to the unitary state apart, the key personalities associated with the Rajapaksa presidential campaign – Mangala Samaraweera and Sripathi Sooriyarachchi – having been sacked from their ministerial positions are now reportedly to […]