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Students Missing In Jaffna

– More Information Added Feb 28 –

Two students are missing in Vadamaradchi. P.Yaseetharan and K.Sivaruban, who are Uduppidy American Mission students, are missing since Sunday afternoon. Their parents have made a complaint at the Human Rights Commission Jaffna branch. Both of them went to private tuition by motorbike and so far they didn’t come back to their homes, their parents said.

The information available is that 584 persons went missing in Jaffna last year. 158 persons under the security forces custody. There is no information about the other 416 persons. So far 62 people have surrendered at the Human Rights Commission Jaffna branch due to death threats.

Another example is Subramaniam Ramachandran the Thinakkural and Valampuri newspaper Correspondent in Vadamaradchi who was kidnapped on the 14th of this month. So far he has not been released. Ramachandran is a good investigative journalist. He wrote some stories regarding the illegal soil business in Vadamaradchi with the help of forces. He tried to take a picture on last Martyars day while some LTTE cadres cut cake in a place in Vadamaradchi. The LTTE cadres warned and chased him away saying don’t take picture.

So far there is no information about him. Where is he?

Feb 28:

Tho students who kidnapped in Vadamardchi have been released. The kidnappers had questioned the students at night in a damaged house. After realizing the students were not the ones they were after, the students were released.The kidnappers released them in a paddy field during curfew time. The students spent the whole night at paddy field and came back home in the morning.