Photo courtesy of DCI Palestine


When I set off for Columbia University

to become a foreign correspondent,

to cover wars and peacemaking, famine,


floods, murders, kidnappings, larceny

on a global scale, I never imagined

that a government would seek


vengeance on my family, bombing

my spouse, daughter and son to ash.

I never could have conceived


that one day, while alive still

on this great old planet

with its ancient human families,


that I would see my colleague

suffer punishment by his nemesis,

a government engaged in carpet bombing


of neighborhoods and precision strikes

of journalists’ families among other

collateral associates of the pesky


and uncompromising truth seekers,

the head of Al Jazeera’s bureau

in Gaza and fellow unfortunate members


of the fourth estate whose wall

of lamentations now includes family

members pulverized in retribution.