Photo courtesy of Roar Media

Today is International Women’s Day


I am the woman of my country

The product of ‘culture’, of history of a nation

The result of procreation

The manufactured playground of patriarchy

The battlefield of nationalism

I am the kalu kella, kaella

The baduwa, the patta baelli

The amu wessi, the huththi

I am the lansi kella, the dhemalichchi, the thangachchi

The feminazi, the NGO baelli

The sudhu kakul, the beedi kakul

The penguin, the muslim gaeni

The mohini, the rohini

The gedhara eliya maniyani

The polkatu haenda mita intelligentsini

I am your mother, your sister, your daughter, your lover

Your granny, your aunty, your favourite panty

The vestal virgin, the sis from another miss

I am the hymen reconstruction seeker

The monthly menstrual bleeder

The face of abortion

The space of distortion

You say this is me? Coz you know right?

Patriarchy knows apparently.

Society’s ill, society’s thrill

You know nothing. And you never will.