Photo courtesy of Amila Udagedera

We have reached January 9th, 2023. We cannot

go any farther or longer or deeper. We are

at the turning point, on the cusp, early


in the New Year, and we are no longer chained

to the IV and tourism is coming back. Vegetables

and meat, although expensive, fill market shelves.


Several millions of us still cut one meal out–

we are learning to live with less–and we are

suitably fit and we sacrifice the extras so


our children can get their milk. The Aragalaya

played its part. Thank you, mass mobilization. But

we must now make the best of reduced circumstances.


Liberties remain curtailed for some brave fellows

and fellas. Apologies to the families involved, but they

got out of hand, wanted too many freedoms, and even


threatened to throw all the bastards out. This utopian

business cannot be tolerated. We are a pragmatic

leadership and we have the ears of the foreigners.


Before Independence Day in February we are

engaging in the fine art of co-opting the minorities.

So life goes ahead on the island, breaking illusions


yet living the Aragalaya dividend, one ruling

family shunted off track, the rest of the cars

lined up behind the new yet familiar driver.