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Groundviews currently has a poll running on its Twitter handle to assess which one of two pressing matters requires the public’s attention the most. 

With the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 sweeping across the country, daily deaths continue to hover around the 100 mark, while reported cases remain constantly verging on 3,000. Even amidst the government’s accelerated vaccination policy, questions remain as to what state the virus will leave Sri Lanka in if the public does not play its part in ensuring health precautions are adhered to even after vaccination.

On the other hand, the government’s narrative of a disciplined society has come to a head with the Kotelawala Defence Act that has mobilized wide public protest against the infringement of militaristic policies on Sri Lanka’s free education. Arrests, detentions and the misuse of ‘Quarantine Laws’ by the authorities are also garnering attention to the bill and further strengthening the cause of the act’s detractors.

One would presume the ideal option here would be a third one that would call on protests to be conducted in a manner that follows and adheres to health guidelines. However, the efficacy of such a passive protest especially on a government hellbent on passing legislation to consolidate its hold on the state remains doubtful, as is the likelihood of a docile reaction by highly motivated student unions.

Nevertheless comments, questions and debate on this mode of assessment and of the problem at large are welcome either on this article or directly on the twitter poll. Most importantly, however, vote!


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