Photo Courtesy of Selvaraja Rajasegar

On 18 May 2009, this mother traveled to the army-controlled area via Mullivaikkal Vattuvakal. There she handed over her 33-year-old son to the army. He had refused to come with her, afraid that he will be persecuted by the military for being a member of the LTTE, but she had insisted they stay together. It has been 11 years since they took him away in front of her eyes, promising his return following investigations.

She has traveled to every corner of the country in search for her son. She was told by a doctor that this trauma has had a deep psychological impact on her. She also has to care for her own mother who is unwell and bedridden. But she cannot give up the search for her son.

She traveled with us to the place she met him during the conflict to where she last saw him before handing him over to the army.

She shares her experiences on eve of the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, which was commemorated on 30 August. This video produced by Selvaraja Rajasegar portrays her story. (Best experienced with headset)