“I am a queer feminist aspiring activist. While I found feminism through a great upheaval in my life, I found queerness through love. I studied law because I was fascinated and continue to be. In the last few years I have been working with women activists from the North and East. This work has helped me meet some amazing women that I now call friends and colleagues.” (Priya’s introduction to her work – Source Our Struggles, Our Stories book)

piriya 6

Priya, our beloved friend, it is through you that all of us smiled and found the real meaning of joy. We will never come to accept that you are no more with us.

You have been an inspiration and a caring sister and friend. Our journey in seeking justice during the last 6 years has been so painful, but you always brought joy and happiness to keep us going. You made sure there was no emptiness. Every time you entered a space you filled it with hope. You took the boredom and bitterness away from work and attempted to teach us something through laughter and joy.

Priya, you were one of the strongest women we knew. You always stood by what you believed, breaking down hierarchies. You never thought twice to challenge our comfort zones. You were the rebel among us!

We miss you dearly, but you have not gone from us. We will lean on the support, energy and strength you passed on to us and pour ourselves into reaching your ideals. This is the least we can do for you. Your cheerful words, chiding, and jokes will always stay with us and guide us through our journey ahead. The knowledge, sisterhood and solidarity you brought to our lives will stay with us forever, throughout our lives and struggles.

From your WAN sisters