Forcible demolition of 34 Watta homes when court case was ongoing, September 2014. Photograph by Selvaraj Rajasegar.

“We were removed from our homes by force. The Army officers told us that they will bulldoze our houses whether we move out or not. They told us that we can either take these apartments or live on the street”. 

As part of on-going research at the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) dealing with evicted communities in Colombo, ‘Evicted under the World Bank’s Watch’ is the first in a series of web based output that look at the lives of those evicted since 2008 under the Rajapaksa regime. Using photography, video and other media, this series aims to shed light into the serious issues faced by thousands of families as they fight for justice, while continuing to struggle in their daily lives.

For more information about these issues faced by residents post relocation and the task ahead of President Sirisena and the new Government in bringing justice to the thousands of families forcibly evicted by the then Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, please read our latest report ‘Forced Evictions in Colombo – High-rise Living’.

Access the content, published on Microsoft Sway, here or read it below.

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