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The Editor of Groundviews can now be reached over Telegram, a secure messaging app for mobiles and desktop chat clients.
Given the Snowden revelations in general and the pervasive surveillance architectures governing information flows in Sri Lanka, secure communications for whistleblowers, informants, human rights defenders and civil society activists is of paramount importance.

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As noted on the web, “Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is cloud-based and heavily encrypted. As a result, you can access your messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers, and share an unlimited number of photos, videos and files (doc, zip, mp3, etc) of any size”.

You can reach the Editor of Groundviews by searching for editor_groundviews over your mobile, desktop or tablet Telegram client and then initiating a chat or a secret chat.

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