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Launch of Groundviews Facebook Fan Page

In a move to more fully integrate with the burgeoning Facebook community, Groundviews is pleased to announce the launch of the Groundviews Facebook Fan Page.

Groundviews Facebook Fan Page

Several months ago, Groundviews added a link at the end of every article allowing readers to post content directly to their Facebook profiles or send it around to their Facebook contacts. Our Fan Page is the next step in exploring the potential of content from this website, and also from Vikalpa and the Vikalpa YouTube Channel, feeding into debates and discussions within the Facebook community.

The Fan Page features news feeds from all our citizen journalism sites, highlighted videos and other multimedia content, discussion boards featuring topical issues and wall posts, for you to share your ideas on our content or things you think demand our attention.

Existing Facebook users only have to go here to sign up as a fan and join the on-going discussions. New users will need to create a Facebook account first.