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Like Slaves In Jaffna

I feel like security forces treat us like slaves, one Jaffna journalist said. Some roads are banned in Jaffna for public transport, only people living in that area can use that road. Last week a journalist went through one of the roads which is banned for public usage. The troops said you can’t go this way. The journalist replied that he wanted to go to that garage and pointed to a garage 50 meters away from the junction. “Mr, who are the rulers are we or you,” the soldiers replied angrily. The Journalist went back home.

Next day the same journalist was on temple road and met his friend who is attached to the UN. The friend stopped his vehicle, while the journalist also parked his bike and started chatting with his friend. An Army man came and asked who’s bike is this. The journalist replied that it was his. The soldier told the journalist to take the bike. The journalist said they were talking. The soldier scolded him angrily “go and talk in your home don’t talk on the road.”
Security forces have banned vehicle parking in the town area after claymore attacks made using motorbikes and bicycles.