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Security Forces North & East Operations

Civilians are returning to government-controlled areas on a mass scale and are fleeing LTTE territory, while the main goal of the government is to wipe out LTTE from the eastern area. This is because the east was a stronghold of the LTTE and V. Prabhakaran’s dream was to make Trincomalee the capital of Eelam. Artillery […]

Ravaya, the LTTE and the Keheliya Chintanaya

Amidst shackles – Notes of a citizen journalist My article, in Sinhala, explores the allegations made against Ravaya, The Nation and the Mawbima newspapers recently that they were supporting the LTTE. I consider this a serious and dangerous allegation, and my article explores the fallout for journalists as a result. I go on to explore […]


Uvindu Kurukulasuriya’s inaugural piece in Groundviews is an aptly Niemölleresque exhortation to greater civic responsibility in the defence of political freedom, civil liberties and the Rule of Law. It comes at a time when Sri Lanka is once again returning to a ‘Bheeshana Yugaya’, the previous experiences of which should have toughened the resolve of […]

White Vans, Disappearances And Abductions

Lets talk about white vans, disappearances and abductions. How much do people who don’t speak in Tamil know about these subjects, and conversely how much do people who speak in Tamil know about these things? I will get to these odd questions in a bit. Being a Colombo-based Sinhalese person, I found the occasional reference […]

“We need a revolution in Sri Lanka!” – A brief chat with Sam de Silva

Photo credit: Nazreen Sansoni “on one level, Sri Lanka needs a revolution to really change what’s going on here. There is such a domination by the powers that be… there needs to be a real uprising. How to actually get an “enlightened uprising”, to use a term from the film, is the tricky part.” I […]

The advent of terror politics

Amidst shackles – Notes of a citizen journalist Sunanda Deshapriya’s article in Sinhala explores the recent statements of Champika Ranawaka, Minister for Environment and Natural Resources in the Rajapaksa government and a highly placed and trusted advisor to the President. With excerpts from MP Ranawana’s writings and his recent statement to Ravaya, Sunanda explores the […]

The politics of hate and harm

Most readers in Colombo would have seen the posters of the National Movement Against Terrorism (NMAT) calling for the peace, media and leftist ‘Tigers’ to be identified and destroyed. This columnist was asked to comment on the poster by a newspaper and he along with other colleagues condemned the message conveyed by it. Following this […]

Students Missing In Jaffna

- More Information Added Feb 28 – Two students are missing in Vadamaradchi. P.Yaseetharan and K.Sivaruban, who are Uduppidy American Mission students, are missing since Sunday afternoon. Their parents have made a complaint at the Human Rights Commission Jaffna branch. Both of them went to private tuition by motorbike and so far they didn’t come […]

What Is The Future Of The Eastern University?

The Eastern University Muslim students are trying to get transfers to other universities for security reasons following the claymore attack by the LTTE on January 31st 2007. Students outside of Batticaloa district are fearful after the incident and some have little experience of such incidents. What I could see after talking to the students was […]

“We are not willing to go back to our village, till a permanent solution for the Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka”

Interview was taken from: Mrs. Gopalakrishnan Kalaivani, 33 years. On 31st of January 2007 Displaced from: Manalchenai, Muthur Trincomalee Place – Welfare Centre (Cultural Hall Refugee’s Camp, Trincomalee) On the day, when a suicide attack was attempt in Colombo Army Head Quarters (on chief Army Officer), there were a terrible Artillery Shelling and Multi Barrel […]

The Sham of Independence Without Human Rights Protection

Two days before our independence tamasha, an event with deep significance and bearing for the independence, integrity and unity of this country took place.  It is unfortunately a part of a series of connected incidents. On Friday 2 February, Mudiyapu Remedias, Attorney at Law and Legal Advisor to the National Human Rights Commission, (HRC) Jaffna […]