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From a Tragedy to a Farce: Comments on the SLFP Proposals

Professor Wiswa Warnapala, the Minister of Higher Education, is one of the leading political scientists in Sri Lanka. He has produced, even after entering the busy life of politics, many books in a wide variety of subjects, the most recent being about Sri Lanka-Russia Relations. When the media reported that Prof. Warnapala would be the […]

Lament for a nation: Sri Lanka’s epitaph

Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario, Canada, submitted this article to Groundviews. It was first published in the Globe and Mail on 4th April 2007. To honour the memory of Kethesh Loganathan and others assassinated before him, we can’t allow the world’s indifference to continue Kethesh Loganathan was my friend. The last meeting I had […]

අභිෙයා්ග හමුෙවි ඉදිරියට යන ශුි ලංකා කුිකටි

වර්ෂ1996ෙය්දි ඔස්ෙටුිලියාවට එෙරහිව ශුි ලංකාව ලද ෙලා්ක කුසලාන ජයගුහණය දැන් දැන් අපෙග් මතකය අඑත් කරනවා ෙනාඅනුමානයි.ෙමි දිනවල බටහිර ඉන්දිය ෙකාෙදවි දුපත්හි පැවැත්ෙවන 9 වන ෙලා්ක කුසලාන තරගාවලිෙය් අර්ධ අවසන් තරගය සදහා ෙමම මස 24 ෙවනිදා ශුි ලංකාව සහභාගිවන තරගය පැවැත්ෙවන ෙහයිනි. තත්වය ෙමෙස් තිබියදි සුපුරැදු පරිදි ශුිලංකානු කුිකටි කණ්ඩායමට එෙරහිව ෙකරිෙගන යන උද්ෙඝා්ෂණයන් සහ මඩ […]

On “traitors” and federalism: Beyond the hypocrisy, towards collaboration

Bear with me and read the following carefully: “The problems of the Tamil community are best known to the Tamils than any others. Any solution to our problems put forward by us should be taken into consideration by the other two communities – the Muslims and the Sinhalese. Furthermore the Tamils problems must have a […]

Any More Separation For TMVP?

TMVP is remembering their 3rd year of separation from the LTTE on April 10th 2004 when 175 Karuna cadres, including female cadres, were massacred in Verukal in an attack by the LTTE to prevent the separation. Regarding the separation V. Muralitharan (Karuna amman) has given statement to their web site. “Earlier it was seem as […]

නැගනහිර යූද්ධය තූල තනීවූ සාමෙය් නගරය.

ශූීලංකාව තූල තවමත් අැදීයන ෙමි ඊළාමි යුද්්්්ධය ට දැන් වසර 26 ක් ගතවි තිෙබි.ෙමම වසර 26 තුල යුද්ධෙයන් බැට කෑ අහිංසක ඡනතාවෙග් අවසන් බලාෙපාෙරාත්තුවද දැන් ෙකෙමන් ෙකෙමන් දියෙවන්නට පටන් ෙගන අැත. ෙමම ඊළාමි යුද්ධෙයන් බැට කෑ තවත් එක් දිස්තිුක්කයක් ගැන ෙසායා බැලිෙමි අරමුණින් අප ෙමි සංචාරය අාරමිභ කරන ලදි. සමස්තයක් වශෙයන් ගත් කල නැගනහිර පළාෙත් […]

Human Rights and a Political Settlement: Regime Defences Wearing Thin

The two main criticisms against the Rajapaksa regime relate to human rights and a negotiated political settlement of the conflict.  In summary the charge is that the regime is unwilling to do anything about either and therefore is well into the smoke and mirrors game of camouflage and procrastination.   The regime on the other hand […]

Peace professionals and War professionals

By Rajan Philips There has been a spate of writings on the political economy of war, particularly relating to the war on terror that President Bush has imposed on the world as the primary concern of humankind in our time. Sumanasiri Liyanage, Peradeniya academic and commentator, has recently written about the political economy of peace […]