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Mentally Retarded Beggars – Jaffna Perspective

Peace and normalcy are two essential or even sole ingredients for individual and family happiness and community development. Conflicts and commotions, social upheavals and political unrest denial of equal opportunities and inequality, suppression or oppression of one community over other are some of the dangerous social evils that barricade the social, economic and cultural development […]

Focus on Human Rights

The diplomatic offensive of the government is in full swing even though there continues to be confusion as to who speaks authoritatively for it on the matters of war, peace and human rights – the Foreign Minister, other assorted cabinet ministers, the defence secretary, the foreign secretary, the secretary general of the peace secretariat or […]

Elementary, my dear President

The tragedy of Sri Lanka today is such that the government’s shrill response to the assessment of Sri Lanka’s dire humanitarian and human rights situation by Sir John Holmes, Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator was, regrettably, expected – only the degree of the petulance was surprising. While the Government’s war efforts continue […]

Questionnaire And Licenses In Jaffna

President Mahinda is checking the Jaffna peoples’ pulse. Now security forces take census in Jaffna. They collect all the informations Address, ID No, educational qualifications, designation, phone No, mobile No, Bicycle, motorbike No, everything from each family members. The last question soldiers asked each house, future election you will support to whom? Separately, sometimes security […]

Doing Business with Myanmar

The Daily Mirror on 29 August 2007 reports a high-level meeting at Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) between state and business leaders of Sri Lanka and a state delegation representing trade interests in Myanmar. The vice chairman of the CCC is reported to have addressed the visitors with the words, “This is an opportunity to […]

To Be Heard……… Talk or Shoot?

Shanthi Sachithanandam “Nation, is the geo-social entity providing maximum security for the survival of a community, Nationalism, is that fundamental desire For the assurance of a Nation Nations uniting and dividing Of their own volition, is the Expression of their urge for that assurance Alas, as usual, this time too Our Nation lost the basis […]

How The East Was Won – Watch the Al-Jazeera documentary

Groundviews was the first to review the new Al-Jazeera documentaries on Sri Lanka (Mistaking Night for Day in the New Dawn of the East: A Review Article of the al-Jazeera Documentaries, ‘How the East was Won’ and ‘Monks of War’). You can now watch this documentary online. See the Groundviews video channel for Al-Jazeera’s previous […]

Homosexuality, Buddhism and Sri Lankan Society

By Bellanvila Sudaththa Thero and Cecil J. Dunne Before we discuss what Theravada Buddhism says about homosexuality, it is important to understand that in Buddhism people are encouraged to look inwardly when seeking guidance or a solution to a problem. In the words of the Lord Buddha himself “be a lamp to yourself” which simple […]

Manufacturing claymores in the Sinhala media – Media ethics withering on the vine

The 14th of August was an eventful day. According to the Sinhala media, the Police “discovered” claymores and explosives at the Ideal Lodge in Wellawatte on this day. As was discovered later, Ideal Lodge is also where 7 of the petitioners in the Supreme Court case against the unlawful and reprehensible eviction of Tamils from […]

Mistaking Night for Day in the New Dawn of the East: A Review Article of the al-Jazeera Documentaries, ‘How the East was Won’ and ‘Monks of War’

Reporter, Juliana Ruhfus, Director, Dom Rotheroe and Researcher, Aloke Devichand, have two films scheduled for broadcast on the al-Jazeera network which will be of interest to all those with an abiding interest in Sri Lanka both within and without the country. The first, “How the East Was Won” deals with the contemporary context and consequences […]

The Government’s “Eastern Rising”

The UTHR(J) is not known for its love towards the LTTE. It’s one time leader and revered academic Rajini Thiranagama was killed by the LTTE. Even today, it’s present leadership lives in fear and in hiding in light of the threats by the LTTE who are opposed to that which the UTHR9J) regularly publishes as […]


PLEDGE (plĕj) A solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something… UN official says Sri Lanka pledges to improve security, access for aid workers President pledges full commitment to protect Human Rights Foreign donors pledge to uphold international standards in aid delivery The UNF Government led by Prime Minster Ranil Wickremesinghe wins […]

A Donkey doing a Dog’s work: The Grade 1 entrance fiasco and the Chief Justice

This author is gobsmacked by the recent edict by the Chief Justice on school admissions to Grade 1. It is an affront on equality and human dignity. What is more, as a journalist, I am appalled at the silence of the media regarding this issue. “මෙම නිර්දේශ මගින් සමහර ජනයා වඩා වටින්නේ ය යන දුර්දාන්ත […]