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Mistaking Night for Day in the New Dawn of the East: A Review Article of the al-Jazeera Documentaries, ‘How the East was Won’ and ‘Monks of War’

Reporter, Juliana Ruhfus, Director, Dom Rotheroe and Researcher, Aloke Devichand, have two films scheduled for broadcast on the al-Jazeera network which will be of interest to all those with an abiding interest in Sri Lanka both within and without the country. The first, “How the East Was Won” deals with the contemporary context and consequences […]

The Government’s “Eastern Rising”

The UTHR(J) is not known for its love towards the LTTE. It’s one time leader and revered academic Rajini Thiranagama was killed by the LTTE. Even today, it’s present leadership lives in fear and in hiding in light of the threats by the LTTE who are opposed to that which the UTHR9J) regularly publishes as […]


PLEDGE (plĕj) A solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something… UN official says Sri Lanka pledges to improve security, access for aid workers President pledges full commitment to protect Human Rights Foreign donors pledge to uphold international standards in aid delivery The UNF Government led by Prime Minster Ranil Wickremesinghe wins […]

A Donkey doing a Dog’s work: The Grade 1 entrance fiasco and the Chief Justice

This author is gobsmacked by the recent edict by the Chief Justice on school admissions to Grade 1. It is an affront on equality and human dignity. What is more, as a journalist, I am appalled at the silence of the media regarding this issue. “මෙම නිර්දේශ මගින් සමහර ජනයා වඩා වටින්නේ ය යන දුර්දාන්ත […]

The Responsibility to Protect

Photo credit: Sam de Silva The Neelan Tiruchelvam Lecture delivered by Gareth Evans, the former Foreign Minister of Australia and the current President of the International Crisis Group (ICG), was a lucid and incisive account of recent developments in the international humanitarian and human rights fields and their relevance to Sri Lanka. Titled the “The […]

The unlearnt lessons of July 1983

මළ ජූලි හතකින්වත් පාඩමක් ෙනා ගන්නා… Photo credit: My article deals with the social and political after-effects of one of the most despicable episodes in Sri Lankan history – the ethnics riots of July 1983. I examine how in the intervening years, Sri Lanka’s political establishment has failed to address the growth of hate […]

Shedding the Master: The Challenge for the Muslims

Shanthi Sachithanandam “There is among the Ceylon Moors diverse opinion on this question in this house and throughout the country. Those who are living in the Sinhalese areas are definitely for the Bill. Some of them are most enthusiastic. But my own view is that, in the final analysis the choice for us is between […]

Vienna Convention and Sri Lankan Child Worker on Death Row

Donna E. Chung, Ph.D. International Trade and Labour Compliance Advisor Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. Washington, D.C. 20 July 2007 On 15 July 2007, just one day before the deadline, a judicial appeal was filed to save Rizana Nafeek, a Sri Lankan teenager, from facing execution in Saudi Arabia. Had this deadline passed without an […]

“Our people are at your mercy” – Tamils flee Sri Lanka conflict

“I have a moral duty to pacify wherever there is irritation given to the Sinhalese. I have a duty to pacify them and tell them our people are at your mercy. They are running away from the LTTE’s atrocities – you have a duty to protect them” says Anandasangaree in this Al Jazeera video that […]

Voices of Reconciliation Radio – New Content

Tune in and turn up the volume! VOR Radio aims to enhance social, political and cultural cohesion in Sri Lanka through podcasts in Sinhala, Tamil and English with a special focus on civil society initiatives and perspectives on peace, reconciliation and democracy. Some of the latest additions to our growing collection of podcasts from Sri […]