The Galle Music Festival was a true celebration of the diversity between and within cultures of Sri Lanka. The many facets of the Sinhala and Tamil communities, based on their geographical locations and origin histories, were illustrated through song, dance and music. The event is a breath of fresh air from its more well-known literary counterpart, making a space for the appreciation of local talent that is both awe-inspiring for the viewer and humbling for the performer.

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  • puniselva

    Hey! It should have been like this throughout the last 68 yrs!!

    Do they (the armed forces stationed in the North and the East) know it’s ………….

  • puniselva

    ‘’The diversity of the local performers is given the spotlight, and the event is a celebration of the talents and traditions that have been passed down from one generation to the next, through conflict and poverty’’:
    Where are they heading now? If some of them are not practised(with inevitable evolution) ‘’in situ’’ what’s the idea in staging a ‘’spotlight’’ ?
    Diversity, conflict and poverty are not tackled in any proven way to yield positive results for 68yrs, judging by the comments for some other articles in this website .

    ‘’each bring with them histories of their people’’:
    Some groups/regions don’t have soundtracks. Readers/visitors must be wishing to hear the performers’ ’’sound’’ on their ‘’histories’’.

    ‘’filled with pride that comes with mastering and adapting their craft’’:
    TheUNGA has already been told of this ”pride” by the former President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

  • puniselva

    Music, Dance. Drama, …. can be used to solve societal problems with appropriate intentions and procedures.