Engage with this campaign in Tamil (புதிய இலங்கையை வடிவமைப்போம்…) or Sinhala (ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ අනාගතය හැඩගැස්වීම සදහා…) too!


The Presidential poll of 8 January 2015 inspired the largest number of voters in Sri Lanka’s history to turn out to elect a new president. The #IVotedSL campaign, which went viral in the lead up to and on the day of the election, was an unprecedented effort over social media to enhance voter turnout. Thousands of Sri Lankans participated.

This new campaign seeks to build on and sustain this interest in reframing our country.

As we all know, the work to shape Sri Lanka’s future doesn’t stop with electing a new president or a new government. Change will need to involve all of us as citizens in our various positions and roles in society. There is now a vibrant public and private debate of citizens across the country (and beyond its borders) about the hopes and vision for Sri Lanka’s future. This is currently taking place on social media, traditional media and also in homes and workplaces.

The campaign encourages us all to focus on what we can do in our individual capacities, as well as what other citizens in government, opposition politics, public services, business or our own neighbourhoods can do, to bring about change for good.


Use the hashtag (#icanChangeSL) to flag an action that you took, a resolution you have made, or an example that you personally want to follow. For example:

  • “I just refused to pay a bribe to a public official #icanChangeSL”
  • “I will speak up the next time I see a woman being harassed on the bus #icanChangeSL”
  • “I am trying to learn about other religious beliefs #icanChangeSL”


Use the hashtag (#wecanChangeSL) to highlight an example of a positive social practice, an inspiring news story, an idea for your friends or community, or an aspiration for the country as a whole. For example:

  • “Let merit not ‘influence’ decide who gets the job #wecanChangeSL”
  • “Rather than criticizing public services, let’s suggest how to improve them (with available resources) #wecanChangeSL”
  • “Just heard of plan to establish a post A/L volunteer corps for Sri Lanka! #wecanChangeSL”.

Some people are already using the hashtag (#ChangeSL) to mark positive changes that they see taking place in the country.

This is a tool to get your views as a citizen heard, to share your ideas and get feedback. Please use it.

This country is ours to change.

Download the logos here for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the web, or view them below.

  • Manoj

    I can agree with everything except the line concerning the Religion. We should be moving away from religions not become part of it. That line makes me think this is nothing but a attempt by other religious types to brainwash Buddhists. If this country get’s other things right religion won’t matter. Unless we can seek common ground applying those kind of religious plasters won’t matter. Therefore keep religion out of this.

  • puniselva

    Excellent idea.
    Sinhala versions will make a bigger difference.
    Any T-shirts with the logos?

  • srivanamoth

    Change yes, but not at the expense of hiding form its torrid past! Must come clean first before trying to usher in a new era. Reform the politicians and the monks first.

    • puniselva

      I only hpe and pray the youth will change their parent’s generation.

      • n.ethir

        Why such vague goals? What is it in SL that you wish to change? Is Sri Lanka someone’s product that you wish to change? What makes up SL? Is it the constitution? Some one changed Ceylon. Who did and when did the rot set in? Why did it needed a change? Where is Ceylon? What is SL? Is it a passport? Is it sa flag? Is it a song?