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Only one question.


Ask it. Repeatedly.

Download the acquisition notices as a PDF here.

  • georgethebushpig

    This has got to be one of the smoothest military take overs of a country in recent history. A state sponsored military coup d’etat right in front of our very own eyes.

    Is anybody filing a case against this robbery?

  • Aloka

    Why? Simple mate. New hotels = better living standards. Small sacrifice for a big increase of economic welfare. It hurts the Jaffna political elites, no one else.

    • Burning_Issue

      Hmmm! You mean to say that the Northern Tamils are incapable of building hotels and improve living standards! Why not those who have means to acquire land wherever they want in the open market? Isn’t it the fair thing to do rather the government allow their cronies grabbing land as they please? Are you a democrat? Are you one who cares two hoots about what happens to the Tamils?

      • Off the Cuff

        I find myself in agreement with Burning Issue. Building a Holiday Resort does not justify acquisition of Private Land. It is not a National Security issue.

        I do hope the Minister will realise the blunder he has made and reverse this decision.

    • georgethebushpig

      Dear Aloka,

      How very kind of you to make a “small sacrifice” of other peoples properties on behalf of a “big increase in economic welfare”. I presume you must have already handed over all your assets to the government for construction of a military resort or cantonment or whatever that the DefSec wants?


  • Orion

    Military-Rajapaksas-Industrial-Buddhist-Corporation (MIRAINBUCO). . Today it is the North and East. Tomorrow the rest of the Island transformed into a MIRAINBUCO Family Republic.

  • manisekaran thangavelu

    Time and again the current srilankan government acts against the interest of tamils in northern and NE provinces.

  • If you look at the the full petition of the 1474 Appeal some troubling aspects jump out.

    a) A list of Petitioners but not a word on land extent or deed number

    b) Page 47:The Petitioners respectfully seek the permission of Your Lordships’ Court to dispense with the requirement to tender the title deeds of the Petitioners

    c)Page 47:several notices in the Tamil language alone

    So a writ application with not a word about the extent of land being claimed by each petitioner and also requesting that producing deeds be done away.
    The next is that the notices were only in Tamil.

    One could almost suspect the lawyers were in cahoots with the Govt to get this writ thrown out.