Goatabaya Rajapaksa ceremonially declaring open a Buddhist Leadership Academy of the Bodhu Bala Sena in Galle, via

Sri Lanka’s fragile attempt of reconciliation, following the end of the thirty-year civil war, faces a potentially backbreaking obstacle. The growing Sinhala Buddhist nationalism that is the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) movement is threatening to divide an already a fractious society.

On the basis of protecting Sinhalese businessmen from the rising prices allegedly caused by Muslim businesses, the BBS movement has taken to the streets targeting the Muslim community. Having started last year with the unsubstantiated accusations against Muslims for illegally building mosques on “temple land”, Buddhist priests banded together in an attempt to demolish these structures. The authorities chose to stand idly by, and when finally forced to address the issue have to still to make a firm decision.

The anti-Muslim issue has now progressed to the BBS calling for the ban of all Halal products. According to the organisation the high cost borne by manufacturers to adopt the Halal certification is being passed on to the consumers. Furthermore, the Buddhist priests from the organisation have accused Muslim businessmen of forcing Sinhalese shops out of business.

Putting aside the debate over the Halal issue, it is clear the Bodu Bala Sena is driving Sri Lanka towards a very bleak future having just emerged from a dark past.

At first glance BBS is nothing more than a minute portion of the Sinhalese population looking to create issues; in a more detailed examination the movement draws startling comparisons to the infamous rise of Nazism in 1930s Germany.

Germany had just been defeated in World War 1 and was facing serve economic pressure from rising reparation payments imposed on them by the victorious Allied nations and the global depression. Humiliated and bankrupt the people of Germany looked to blame someone for their misfortunes. This was the perfect breeding ground for the racist Nazis to rise up and lay all the blame at the feet of the German Jews.

The Nazis blamed the Jews for having gained monetarily through Germany’s defeat in the Great War, and accused them of driving the economy down while ensuring their own financial stability.

In Sri Lanka, despite having “won” the war over the LTTE, there is a sense of resentment over the growing international pressure to hold investigations in to the conduct of the military. To add insult to injury contrary to what the government claims the economy of the country continues to falter with a rapidly increasing cost of living.

The accusations which were levelled by the Nazis against the Jews are now being mirrored by the BBS and their allegations that Muslim’s are driving the Sinhalese out of business.

Between November 9 and 10 1938 was the night of Kristallnacht (or the Night of Broken Glass), an event that saw the unhindered torment of the Jewish businesses at the hands of the Nazi SA paramilitary and civilians. The authorities did not intervene, and by the end of it the streets were covered with broken glass from the windows of Jewish shops, homes and synagogues.

Sri Lanka has already experienced its own version of Kristallnacht during the 1983 anti-Tamil riots that saw nearly a thousand Tamil civilians killed while thousands more fled the country. While the Bodu Bala Sena has not yet reached this level, the attacks on Muslim businesses such as what was seen last month at the “No Limit” store in Maharagama and the vandalism of mosques around the country are ominous signs. The inaction by the authorities, and in some case the support of the organisation by members of the government, is paving the way for further racism.

Sri Lanka on a political front has much to lose from this rising anti-Muslim sentiment. International pressure continues to grow and the government has little or no answers to defend themselves with. Last year’s US sponsored resolution was labelled by the ruling regime as an attempt to isolate the country. While it was successfully passed, Sri Lanka received the support of the Muslim nations. This time around the United Nations Human Rights Council has 15 Muslim nations and Sri Lanka cannot afford to isolate itself amongst the Muslim community.

On a financial side Sri Lanka’s faltering economy is still reliant on the income earned by maids working in the Middle East. If these countries were to ban the employment of Sri Lankan maids in lieu of the attacks on Muslims, a large source of the country’s foreign income will be halted. Furthermore these continuing attacks on the Muslim community will certainly put the Sri Lankan maids already in those regions at danger of repercussions.

Sri Lankan society lost much both in the way of culture and intelligentsia with the mass exodus of Tamils during the 1980s. For a nation that prides itself on being “multi-national”, such racist sentiment will only serve to damage its future. Nationalistic ideals fuelled by racism cost the country 30 years, unfortunately 4 years on from the end of the last conflict Sri Lanka appears to be headed down the same path.

  • Skeptic

    BBS will precipitate the next war.
    When that day comes, let’s sit back and laugh.

    • What an ingenious plan.

      • Myil selvan

        Hey David blacker you are back! You had gone quiet for a while?

    • warforpeacehypocrite

      The funny part is Sri Lankan Muslims are quislings in this very government that supports the BBS. They cannot give up their portfolios to protest let alone fight a war. Regardless of their differences, both the Tamils and Sinhalese know that SL Muslims are bunch of opportunists – you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

    • A skeptic person here says ‘BBS will precipitate the next war.
      When that day comes, let’s sit back and laugh’.

      I would like to ask that person, if he/she will still laugh when this bunch of thugs take this country towards lawlessness and destruction, and when they brainwash their children in to being hooligans and fascists, and rip them off of their innocence, inborn virtueous qualities,and nobility.

      No wonder the country has become what it is today, when there are ignorant and short sighted people such as these.

  • Jane Russell

    Many thanks for informative and well-balanced article re BBS and recent anti-Muslim manoeverings. As suspected, money is at the root of the ‘troubles’. But when a petty squabble between traders is massively inflated by Buddhist monks greedy for power backed by a corrupt regime, the result is (the usual)communal response that is reported in the international media and gives yet another stick with which the international community can beat an “intolerant and racist” (Buddhist) Sri Lanka. Poor politics,poor diplomacy, poor Sri Lanka!

    • Off the Cuff

      Dear Madam,

      If I am right about who you are, please accept my heartfelt apology for what you underwent.

  • Jacky

    fools never learn a lesson from history.

    we know this well……………………..

    • Rajah

      What Rajapakses have done was inviting a poisioneous snake ( BBS) inside their house and now trying to get rid of it??? what will the snake do? will attack the master ….they cannot back off now..being the big mouth talkers it will be sham for them to back off..they will go on attacking the mnorities specially the Muslims….country will go to dogs…shame ..

  • Knowledge

    This is the funniest part

    I was telling from the beginning BBS is a group of nut heads and morons. In their statement they relate inidian monk attack incident to Muslims. These nut heads totally forgot that only Muslims went up to Geneva and convinced even countries like Saudi to vote against the American motion. Normally country like Saudi never say no US and they did in this case just by sri Lankan muslim efforts. Are these Buddhist monks out of their thinking faculty? These fools are considered by a group of people as loyal to country. Now think! If you have a brain.

    • Jayalath


      What we discuss or argue isn’t a fun . It is fundementally decisive to you and me , it is a discussion of DEATH or ALIVE in the future , perhaps , not you and me , but certainly our kids .
      AND , do not mingle the HALAL matter into GENEVA . It is like an old saying (. IGURU DEELA MIRISGNNAWA ) .

      The GeNeva matter is related to teach Sri lankan politicians how to govern and accountability of innocents died in last Bastion . Therefore , it’s elements has fundamental differences . Also do not forget about the factions of world now . The Muslim world is instinctively ANTI American , therefore our president is Anti American , so every thing has two sides or more sides . But these element can be changed due to different circumstances and time .

      As an example , can you remember GADDAFI , once he was Anti British and last days of his reign he was friend of Tony Blare .but , you have highlighted the Stance of Saudi , Saudi and America is just like a thread and needle , they can’t live without each other , do you know why ? Financially , militarily . Can you remember Saddam , when he invaded Kuwait who save Kuwait and where did they run and beg for assistance ?

      My friend , the law , the religion , the poverty , only for the poor buggers , rich buggers do not have or respect for any thing we think is right . This is the way the world has maid , what you and I can do ?
      I know for a facts , all the princes, and princessess from Saudi come to London for big fun , when they come they bring own cars along with them and they have Millions pounds worth of palaces in central London near Knightsbridge ,what do you think they do of coming here ? Are they come here to pray ten times . ?

      Fun , fun . They cannot do there much because others can see them , therefore they have places in America and London to spend fun time , can a poor Saudi Bugger afford to do so , no , because he has an almighty to look after . That’s why I said , this world treats us as step mother .

      How come there be two laws , one for the poor and one for the rich , is that the option of God ? this is not applicable only to Saudi , it is every where . .
      We will have a consolation and admiration the day we realise the truth and real life , untill we will fight and more and more Bodu Bala and all other fanatics and conflicts will arise to wipe us from the earth without our wish .
      So, if we failed to compromise or think wisely from the present threats that our life will be in DANGER .

  • Mr. Who

    Nice balanced article.
    Does the author allows republishing/translating in other websites? Of course, due credits will be given.

    • No problems with republication with due attribution.

  • Nuhman A. Saleem

    During the riots in 1983 against the Tamils, I was a school boy and I saw several incidents where Buddhist monks were leading the hooligans taking properties out of the Tamils’ home, piling on the streets and setting fire to them. Vehicles running on the streets were stopped searching for Tamils and if found to be a Tamil, beaten up severely until he became unconscious and thrown along the street. I fear this may soon happen to the Muslims as well unless the Government wakes up and put an end to this racist movement filled with violent-minded so called religious leaders. No religion preaches violence. If any religion preaches violence, lifespan of that religion will be very short and doesn’t deserve at all to exist longer.

    Peace to all!

    • Dev

      Surely not in the land that was triply blessed??

      The way things are going history will repeat and of course the blame will ultimately fall on the muslims this time.

      Already the burning of the Jaffna Library while well documented to be a government act is attributed to the LTTE and so it will be the 83 pogrom !
      The 83 pogrom will be re-told as Tamils running amok and burning themselves in the future.
      Already I see history being retold by the likes of ‘off_the _cuff’ to blame the whole ethnic issues on the Tamils !!!

      • Off the Cuff

        Hi Dev,

        You say “Already I see history being retold by the likes of ‘off_the _cuff’ to blame the whole ethnic issues on the Tamils !!!”

        Why the cowardly hide and seek?
        Are you afraid to challenge my writings directly?

        The ONLY post I have made in this thread is addressed to Ms Jane Russell, who, if she is the historian, commands respect. That two line post does not deal with any Ethnic issues.

        History retold?
        Oh no, what I have done is to strip the Tamil Separatist Version of the spin!

        Apparently you have been reading what I have written, unmasking the “Tamil Civil Society” (sic) and separatist propagandists like Gibson Bateman, Ms Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai etc. I must have touched a raw nerve in your inflated ego, for you to stoop to cowardly comments hidden in irrelevant threads. But the TRUTH hurts right?

        I have destroyed the Historical Tamil Homeland claim, in the East of SL
        I have shown that SL has experienced Tamilisation of Sinhala areas and not vice versa.
        I have shown that the Tamil Elites were inhuman to the Tamil peasantry, who were the majority.
        I have shown that SL experienced Tamils rioting against Tamils, long before any ethnic riots.
        I have shown that the Tamil population in Lanka, DOUBLED, due to Indian Tamils being imported from Tamil Nadu.
        I have shown that these Indian Tamils were settled in LAND stolen from the Sinhalese, on a massive scale, which robbed the livelihood and the homes of the Sinhalese.

        I have provided VERIFIABLE references to what I wrote. If they are wrong please challenge them.

        Does it hurt because you cannot counter the Truth with your spin?

        Don’t you have the guts to challenge me in the correct thread instead of cowardly sneak attacks hidden away in irrelevant threads?

        • Myil selvan

          Dear Off the cuff,
          Please show me your verifiable sources where you say you have destroyed Tamil homeland concept, Tamil on Tamil riots, etc. I would sincerely like to look into it. Thanks

        • Nuwan

          Off the Cuff:

          Wasn’t the population from about the middle ages to now in the Eastern province mostly Tamil Speaking? The population that was in those areas matters more than the kingdom that ruled it.

          • Off the Cuff

            Dear Nuwan,

            You ask “Wasn’t the population from about the middle ages to now in the Eastern province mostly Tamil Speaking?”

            I speak English. That doesn’t make me English.
            Are you contending that all Tamil speakers are Tamil?

            I wrote about the so called Historical Tamil Homeland not about Eastern Muslims who spoke Arabic and then an Arabised Tamil and today their own dialect of Tamil.
            The last king of the Kandyan kingdom spoke Tamil.
            Does that mean he ruled over a Tamil kingdom?

            Hence if you want to prove that the East was an Exclusive Historical Tamil Homeland, please state your case instead of posing hypothetical questions that prove nothing.

            We have a 2600 year History. Please define your Middle ages.
            What are your reasons for ignoring the History prior to the so called “Middle Ages”?

            You say “The population that was in those areas matters more than the kingdom that ruled it”

            The problem is, you have failed to prove, that the population living in the Eastern part of the Sinhala kingdom, was exclusively Tamil. Which you need to do if you want to exclude the Sinhalese, Muslims, Malays, Burghers, Kaffirs, Veddah etc from calling the East their homeland too.

        • Myil Selvan

          Off the Cuff,
          You seem to be misinterpreting and misunderstanding history. Before getting into whether the Eastern Province was Tamil or not it is prudent ask the question who are the Tamils and who are the Sinhalese? There are no inscriptions until around the 9th century A.D. that talks about the Sinhala. No mention of the word Sinhala. Next question, what makes the Sinhalese different from the Tamils? When did the Sinhala nation come into being? You need to ask all these questions before going on to later history.

          G.G. Ponnambalam stated what he thought was fact, that the Sinhalese are decendents of Tamils. This started a riot by the Sinhala people. If the Sinhalese cannot accept other views then it is sadly their intolerance, which seems to be the bigger problem for Sri Lanka.

          If you look at the history of the ancestors of SWRD Bandaranaiyake, J.R. Jayawardene and Parakramabahu I of Polonnaruwa, they all have Tamil ancestors in their bloodline. So what are they? Tamils or Sinhalese?

          Please see my reply to your reply to the article by ‘Tamil Civil Society, the link which you attached to your reply in this thread.
          Thank you.

          • Off the Cuff

            Dear Myil Selvan,

            You say “You seem to be misinterpreting and misunderstanding history”

            Rather, I am correcting the misrepresentation that the Tamil separatists have desiminated to the world about Lankan History.

            You ask “Before getting into whether the Eastern Province was Tamil or not it is prudent ask the question who are the Tamils and who are the Sinhalese?”

            Undoubtedly, Tamils are indigenous to Tamil Nadu in India. Some of them have migrated to other countries such as Malaysia, Africa, Singapore, Sri Lanka etc. The Sinhalese are indigenous to Sri Lanka and are found as indigenes ONLY in Sri Lanka. The Tamils and the Sinhalese share a common gene pool of 55%. The Sinhalese share a common gene pool with the Veddah (aborigine Natives of Lanka) of 5%.

            But all this is immaterial to the EXCLUSIVE habitat, the Tamil separatists are claiming, in the East.

            The Eastern province is a creation of the British in the 19th century.
            I have provided irrefutable proof, in the form of Dutch Govt records of the 17th century, that the East of Lanka, South of Elephant Pass, was part of the Sinhalese Kingdom of the Kandyans. This was no EXCLUSIVE Tamil Habitat. It was common living space for the Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghers, Malays, Moors, Kaffirs etc.

            You say “There are no inscriptions until around the 9th century A.D. that talks about the Sinhala. No mention of the word Sinhala. Next question, what makes the Sinhalese different from the Tamils? When did the Sinhala nation come into being? You need to ask all these questions before going on to later history”

            I have given appropriate answers to your attempted Red Herrings as a response to your post here. Hence no point in repeating myself.

            Without running around the Mulberry Bush, prove that the East of Lanka was the EXCLUSIVE Historical Habitat of the Tamils as claimed by separatist Tamils.

            Can you do that?

          • Myil selvan

            Dear Off the Cuff,

            “I believe you are stumped to provide historical evidence about the East being the Exclusive Historical Homeland of the Tamils as you have avoided the subject and is now trying to draw a Red Herring. Sadly that strategy won’t work.”

            Not stumped but rather a bit confused with your brand of logic. Can you provide historical evidence to show otherwise? Please don’t use ancient Buddhist sites and claim that is the reason there were Sinhalese. Because there were Thamil Buddhists as well at that time.

            “Does that have any relevance to the East being the Exclusive Historical Homeland of the Tamils? I cant see any relevance. Why don’t you try to establish it.”

            It does, because you need to know the origins of people to begin with, especially when you claim that Sinhalese and Thamils share a common gene pool of 55%. That means 55% of whatever is Sinhalese is also Thamil.

            “I also note that you have accepted that…..of day when the Sinhalese were GOADED by a Tamil Separatist G. G. Ponnambalam.”

            I have not accepted your blinkered version, yet. Please provide links that I can check up on. Why do you call GG a separatist?

            “We are not talking of the Tamil people of Tamil Nadu but of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. You seem to be hard put to establish an indigenous Tamil history regarding the East of Sri Lanka.”

            If you want to discuss the history of the East of Sri Lanka first you would have to know where the different ethnic groups originated. Your theory falls flat if you can’t establish a foundation for the beginnings of the Sinhalese and Thamil people.

            “What other questions?”
            Other questions related to the beginnings of the Sinhala people, Tamil people, etc.

            “Glad to note that you have agreed with what I have written about the East of Sri Lanka in the 1600?s. Now we both agree that during Dutch occupation of parts of Lanka the East of Lanka was under the Sinhala Kingdom of Kandy. That means any claim of an exclusive Tamil Homeland has gone down the drain.”
            Please don’t try to push words into my mouth. This maybe your way of avoiding the truth. I haven’t agreed with you yet. Please provide web links. Why is the Kingdom of Kandy Sinhala? can it not be Tamil as well, since you say Sinhalese and Tamils have a shared gene pool? Besides I never claimed East was exclusively Tamil homeland. This shows your desire to lump people together and stereotype without proper facts. Although I do think the East was predominantly Tamil.

            “Recorded History of the East of Sri Lanka does not prove the existence of ANY Tamil Kingdom in the East. If there is please place them here on GV and enlighten all of us.”
            Does it prove existence of Sinhala people in the East, just because it came under the Kandyan Kingdom? What are your sources?

            “You are just making empty statements that won’t stand scrutiny.
            Are you trying to say that a written language comes first and the people second?
            That is funny logic.”

            Maybe for those who can’t face the truth any statement that goes against their view is empty.
            What I am saying is – the Sinhala people say that this country was known as Sihaladipa in ancient times to prove this island is theirs. But the word Sinhala only emerged around the 9th century AD. In other words only 1200 years ago. But the Sinhalese claim a history of 2500 or 2300 years. Doesn’t that sound a bit odd? Do you think these claims tally?

            Such as?
            Questions related to the beginning of the Sinhala people, Tamil people, etc.

            “Do yo understand what you are writing?
            You have just admitted that G. G. Ponnambalam lied.
            You see, just because someone THOUGHT it was fact does not make it a fact. G.G.Pannambalam INCITED the Sinhalese.”

            Oh yes, I perfectly understand, but do you? I haven’t admitted GG lied. I am merely saying that GG said what he thought was true. Hence you can’t blame GG for saying what he genuinely thought was true. Now I believe that GG said the Sinhalese came from the Tamils, which I believe is true. Even you say Sinhalese and Tamils have common gene pool of upto 55%. If the Sinhalese people got angry because he said something that was contrary to their belief then that only shows their ignorance and intolerance. As for inciting, it is hard to say just by looking at the words itself. One has to know the tone of voice employed and the gestures employed, etc. So you should give more details to your claim of incitement. But GG saying what he believed is true, is not wrong. Whatever others think is irrelevant cos GG was going according to what he believed is true. You can’t call that incitement from the face of it.

            “Funny logic again.
            The INCITER is to be absolved and the Victims are to be blamed!”
            The logic is only funny to those who are afraid of the truth. Are you trying to say the perpetrators of violence are the victims? What kind of logic is that?

            “Again you are admitting that G.G.Ponnambalam was Inciting the Sinhalese.”

            When one says what he believes is true does that mean incitement to you? I don’t think so. To me it shows someone willing to speak the truth under tough circumstances. Incitement would be to you harsh language and profanity and the tone of voice being rude and gestures deemed offensive.

            “Myil, the Sinhalese and the Tamils share a common gene pool of 55%
            Does that prove that the East of Lanka was the Exclusive Historical Tamil Homeland?”

            Well it proves that 55% of what is Sinhalese is also Tamil. Do you get that? Common gene pool means what? We have the same DNA, right? so Sinhalese came from Tamils, right? Then GG was also right?

            “That is a puerile argument, given the following facts.
            1. Currently 75% of the Lankan population is Sinhalese.
            2. If not for the importation of Indian Tamils in the 17th and 18 th centuries by colonial rulers (in excess of the totality of indigenous Tamils living in Lanka), the Tamil population of Lanka would have been half of what it is today and the Sinhalese population well over 80%
            3. There is no place on Earth where the race called Sinhalese are indigenous other than Lanka
            4. Growth rates of Tamils and Sinhalese are similar”

            Well, according to figures that I checked the Sinhalese are close to 80%, with Tamils at 12% and Muslims at 8%. These are rough figures. Thamil people have been leaving Sri Lanka due to the 1983 riots and the war that continued from then on. Because the war was mainly in predominantly Tamil populated areas. Well to do Tamils generally went to western countries while the poorer ones went to India.

            “Now if you can explain, given natural circumstances, how the Sinhalese population can exceed…….. that explanation would be enlightening.”

            Get ready to be enlightened. The increase in Sinhalese is because the Tamils have left Sri Lanka due to 83 riots and the war that continued from then on. Tamils also have died in the wars in equal proportion to Sinhalese, but probably slightly more. Hence because of these the Tamil population has declined. Another reason is Tamils who marry Sinhalese do not want to push their ethnic identity. Some Tamil men have taken their Sinhala wife’s maiden name so as to be on the safe side in case another 83 comes along.

            “The East of Lanka was never the exclusive domain of the indigenous Tamils of Lanka. They lived in the East and so did the Sinhalese, the Malays,…………….. could disprove it.”
            Once again I’m not saying it was exclusive homeland but predominantly it was Tamil. Later on the Burghers and Malays, Kaffirs came along. Can you prove it wasn’t exclusive? what are your sources?

            “The Exclusive Historical Tamil Homeland in the East, is a FARCE, cooked up by Tamil separatists to steal Lanka’s public resources.”

            Well, sadly what is a FARCE is the Sinhala-Buddhist race theory and their claim to Buddhism and the entirety of this island for themselves. They want to create a mono-ethnic sri lanka, which has never been mono ethnic. There were Tamil Buddhists at one time. South India was Buddhist at one time before Hinduism had a revival and reclaimed its predominant position. The Tamil people have been living in the east for centuries, it is ridiculous to say our people lived there 2000 years ago so you guys leave. Would the Sinhalese leave Kataragama, which is popular for its Hindu kovil, which was predominantly worshiped by Tamils up until the 1940s but after 1940s Sinhala Buddhists have grabbed it and taken over. They even tried to stop Tamils from coming to Kathirkamam (Katharagama) at one time. So if Tamils say this is our Kovil for the past 2000 years and ask Sinhalese to leave would that be right? BTW the legend in Kathirkamam (Katharagama) has it that the shiva lingam is 4000 years old. Now how many Tamils have you heard using that legend to say we are natives here?
            Would the Sinhala Buddhists return Tondeshwaram Kovil, which is in Dondra, Matara district back to the Tamil Hindus who worshipped there? It is one of the 5 ancient shiva ishvarams on this island. Shiva worship is mainly by Thamil people. Hence this is the real farce – Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism trying to claim the entirety of the island on myths and fantasies.
            BTW – call me selvan. Myil is an abbreviation of myilvahanam, which is not my given name.

          • Off the Cuff

            Dear Selvan (as requested),

            Please do not make multiple posts in different threads on the same subject.

            It is preferable to continue the discussion under the

            The subject matter discussed is not relevant to BBS and hence is prone to being axed by GV.

            My reply to yours and all my future responses will be posted in the above thread.

  • Gok Atu for the funeral of our nation.

  • Jayalath

    I will strongly deny the Writer’ s attempt to equalise the NAZI ‘ s behaviour to BBS during the world war 2 . It would never happen although minor incidents were reported between these two groups , under the exclusive bigotry grounds . These grounds are only expose to the world that our loath and ingrained ignorance to understand the real life that advance countries are heeding to .

    GERMANY is an example , although they made a mistake of eradicating JEWS , however they never held back because of that . They proved it in two decades by becoming the power house of Europe and third best economic in the world , therefore I would glad to appeal to the BBS , do not worry of this HALAL and HALAL people , this is one way or other wasting of GOLDEN time . Please educate people to think rationally and scientifically , then you will have a consolation in the future . Because all over the great teachers like Buhhha , Mohamed , Christ and every one else are out dated , this is 21 st century . It needs a new vision and mission , therefore it needs an unyielding hope. The enormity of the task that lies ahead , the depths of winter cannot end by one autumn night . ,but our enduring power should not be humiliated .

    However , you have a genuine duty of preventing of becoming any type of paradise of Alquida in Sri Lanka , because it can be a way to a restless war , we cannot afford for it .
    AND also I am really worrying about this type of writers ,who seems to be wanted to ignite the problem than tries to resolve it.

    • alfred

      We Sri Lankans are like frogs in the world, unaware that thre is a great big world outside the well. We cannot learn from history. 1983 took us back 30 years. We were on growth mode growing at over 8 per cent from 78 to 83 and then we slid back never to recover. Large Tamil businesses closed took their insurance claims and shifted to other countries. Mostly buddhist employees lost jobs. Insurance premiums went up and consumers had to bear the higher cost of the goods they bought. Between 1983 and now several countries which were economically worse off than us are ahead of us. BBS will take us back another 50 years.

      The Singapore founding PM said in 1960 that his country aspires to be like the garden city of Colombo. Where is Singapore now and where is Sri Lanka? Their universities are among the top in the world…Ours are rated around the 1000th.

      We are talking about Halal and Abaya and Buddhist rights…Singapore’s national anthem is in Malay, the language of the 10% minority. Did the 70% chinese lose in any way?

      In fact when a small Al Qaida type cell was discovered in Singapore, about ten years ago it was the muslim elders who supported the Singapore PM to take action and close the cell once and for all.

      I can write so much about what we as a country are doing wrong, but I hope we “frogs in the well” peep out of our well and learn from whats happening outside our well.

      • Myil selvan

        Well said alfred! I would be interested to know the economic situation of Sri Lanka pre 83, if you can point me to sources. And your other related thoughts. Thanks.

      • OpenEyesInt

        You know the story of the frog?

        If you try to drop a frog in hot water, it will imemdiately jump out.
        However, should you place a frog in colder water and slowly but continously heat the water, the frog will stay and die.

        This is what is happening to Sri Lanka (not the Tamil, the Muslim) but to all sri lankans who are seeing their “democratic and civic space” consistently eroded and now living in rather hot waters.


    • mark

      I totally agree with you. see how fair to consider BBS with NAZI Germans…is this the truth? but some people comment here saying this is a balanced article.
      If there is real problem and writer is so worry about solving it, he/she should focus on providing a consensus, instaed as you mentioned writer only fueld to ignite a another communual clash or separation, i.e Sinhala-Muslim riots…

  • Nuhman A. Saleem

    All the atrocities carried out against the Muslims in Myanmar by the Buddhist monks had the blessings and the support of the Defence forces.
    There is room for us to be optimistic of repetition of same in Sri Lanka as well. God forbid.

    • asif

      Muslims should get ready for the 1983 type backlash,this time well armed by lessons learned in 1983 enable to face and defend themselves better from arsonist and extortionist.

  • Nadesan

    It is very unfortunate that the Sri Lankan Authorities are silent on the face the emergence of this extreme BBS racist organisation. The Perl of the Indian Ocean went to the brink of its destruction due to its denial of the basic rights of the Tamil Community of the Island. Three decade long war just ended after the killing of over 100 thousands Sri Lankans of all three communities of Sri Lanka. Now the BBS is emerging as a Neo-Nazi in this beautiful Island. No doubt, it is a real threat to the future of this nation

    • reality

      “It is very unfortunate that the Sri Lankan Authorities are silent on the face the emergence of ….”

      It is the Sri Lankan “authorities” who are behind this BBS group. It is a cunning move to detract the war crime and accountability issue by the international community!!!

  • Kind stone

    If Lord Buddha was alive no doubt his eyes will shed blood for distorting the Buddhism, by very people who observe ATA SIL .

  • Farhan

    Well all we can see is that that this group of individuals (BBS) just wants an escape goat and blame the tensions and failures of the majority. As there was a huge power struggle for rule since the day of independence in Sri Lanka. Between the minority of Tamils and the Majority Sinhalese. The majority obviously ousted the minority in various ways resulting in the 1983 riots. Thereby loosing a group of selfless and educated clutch of Sri Lankan people who took refuge in other countries.
    Now it seems the threat is monetary and it is well known that the minority of Muslims in Sri Lanka held the majority of the SME business in the capital of the country and over the years due to proper dedication has grown over the years. The BBS and some factions cannot stomach this and envy this minority and has taken to streets in order to put them out of business.
    As an e.g lets look at the halal issue, Now the Muslim body governing the issue of the Halal certificate says that they will issue it free of charge for companies who require it. My question is that since the claim was that this certification gave an additional cost to the produce which was sold, now can we see the price of these products reduce. Should not the BBS look deeply in to this as they did claim?

    All we can see is the frustration of the people due to the rise of inflation, but it is the duty of the so called elite educated people to show the truth.

  • nazeem

    Dear groundviews
    Few will read your article (indeed a well analyzed one) and write comments (most of which are nonsense – just to mention that they also can write!). Unfortunately though not reaching the innocent public back there who are brainwashed, who do not know the outcome, who simply beleive these so called leaders and react without the farsight. I am in front of my PC to read and lament, but the ones who are waiting out there are just awaiting only to hear another command to come out and do the damage.

  • david

    so many such things had happened in sri lanka against the muslims by the BBS racsits group but the president and Gotabaya is keeping silent why. it is clearly proven they support the extremist groups because they are also sinhalese buddhists.

    again in the recent UN council muslim countries supported sri lanka so where is the faith for these poor muslims in sri lanka. this is very similar to ethnic cleansing like in bosnia and serbia. so we will have to expect peace keeping forces in sri lanka soon.

  • siraj

    why are the muslim countries are not talking to the sri lankan president on the anti muslim campaign. why did the muslim countries supported sri lanka in the UN last week after sri lankan muslims rights have been violated,discrimination,ethnic hatre. recently many muslim women have been attacked and used abusive languages.
    the ethnic hatr has been on the increase with the help of the government and police. police forces are helpless because these extremist groups are the brain child of gotabaya rajapakse.

    so where is the law and order in this country people have taken the law into their own hands to attack the muslims.

  • Does the writer say what is said about the Muslim community by those “extremist elements” like BBS are all wrong, and the Muslim community does not pose any sort of special threat to the existence of other communities and to our society? Is it the writers view that BBS was came up from a clean slate?

    I think this is a very popular sort of writing, done expecting popular vote. Anybody must paint a picture close to reality if the expect a solution to an issue.


    • Romaine

      Can you articulate the threats you perceive from our Muslim community? Supported by facts?

  • Romaine

    Is there a source from which our Buddhist clergy can learn the basic tenets of Buddhism; apparently they have not had that opportunity? If they are to guide the Buddhist population, and also protect Buddhism in our country, it is imperative that they be the guiding light that exemplifies the value system derived from Buddhist philosophy. We as Buddhists respectfully expect our Buddhist leaders and teachers to ask themselves at every step “is what I am about to do something that Buddha would have advised in this situation?”

  • Jayalath

    To writer and commentator .

    I request very sincerely from all sort of people , please do not push us to the side of BBS , because it is not our wish or interest to do so , but after considering what is precisely happening against Sri Lanka that I felt it is essential to write in this manner today . As my body will be buried one day some where in this country and I have my descendants to carry on in the future . We have many arguments relation to the politicians and politics in this country for decades and it has not shown any sign of ending rather accelerating daily basis . After all I only can see the whole world is wanting to destroy us , which is appaling and outrageous .

    I must say this bit before I begin the whole story . I’m an irreligious person , but my inheritance is Buddhist . However I respect to all who believe or follow religions or faith ,and it doesn’t bother me at all and none of my business as long as they are not influential to others peace and harmony .

    Sri Lanka is very small country and there is no space to devide it for pieces as some people want to. As far as I know this is the new trend of powerful countries in the world to devide and rule , then there is a space for them to put their hand to regulate small countries . I must say this is the system of world and it is comfortably thrive over the money and cynicism .therefore it is urgent to understand by all communities are looking to share the country . We remember how much India interfered during north east issue , and terrorists were trained and financed by India initially to estrange us which is illegal and unconventional , but what we been able to do ?

    We have a very little chance of avoiding the threats coming from the powerful countries unless we were very aware or understood before it harms us first place ,or if we were wise enough to handle it intelligently, Unfortunate of Sri Lanka every thing our politicians done to the country has been ended up in a chaos , this is what has been witnessing today .

    Right now we are seriously attacked by diaspora with their European and American alliance ,and from other side various religious movement are activating robustly to fullfill their agendas in many ways in this volatile situation and Sri lankan cricketers are suspended by IPL and ruthlessly the Buddhists monks had been attacked by mobs in India , which I saw in the you tube . It is disgusting and pathetic .

    I feel very worry and sad , all I blamed to politicians for the mess. Because their failure to realise the real life has caused all the mess. However , when the worst come at the end there will not be a space of compassion or to heed about humanity or to think who is wrong or right , this is my panic .
    Therefore , we are watching and waiting , we cannot be deceived or surrendered , which we have shown many time in the history . The latest out come makes me very angry and stressful .

    Infact, It seems ,
    , all those are happening according to an agenda . In this circumstance do we need a group of BBS or many
    more group like BBS ? This is an arguable question .
    Honestly our country is in a great threat , the threats To our lives Are increasing in a greater length today than when we in a war .
    there are people who lives with us showing that they are honest and sincer to us , but in real life they are not , therefore we have to be very careful and honest our selves in this moment regardless political differences . Unless the country can be plunged into to further chaos . The central idea of this is unity and strength .

    In this regard , We should demonstrate to the word that we are capable and commited to make decisions ourselves to rule our country in respect to each other instead we are told by other countries how we should be ruled , therefore all are down to these ignorance politicians to make rational decisions at this crutial time . and I request from the all communities including the innocent Tamils and Muslims that you are not alone or regarded irrelevant although some stupid politicians made mistakes to devide us , this is your country too and defend it is part of your business And responsibility without being bias to religion or personal benifit or the traps of foreign countries .

    There are may be plenty of heart breakings and malice been planted in our minds due to recent conflicts and crisis ,but we must accept that we all are responsible for the situation that we are now with , if any one think he can easily wash off hands from it whom I think is a rogue or Hypocrite . We have to come forward to defend our country not a piece of country from the common enemy .

  • Frustrated

    Please know that BBS does NOT represent citizens in Sri Lanka or the teachings of Lord Buddha. This is an extremists group trying to come to into the lime light under the guise of Buddhism. Many monks in Sri Lanka condemn this. This is a politically motivated group.
    This is really unfortunate.

    • Jayalath

      To frustrated.

      When Muslim congress was formed what did they motivate ? When the Tamil party formed first time after independence whom did they represent or what did they motivate ? If you trust me ,just go back to the begining of 1948 and upto Muslim congress is formed in Sri Lanka . We never had an extreme party for the Buddhists or singhala alone to represent , before these minority groups form parties , so I’m not wonder why we have now this extreme BBS.
      1 united national party
      2 Sri Lanka freedom party
      3 samasamaja party
      4 Sri Lanka communist party
      5 Mahajana peramuna 6
      7 janatha vimukthi peramuna

      These parties had a quality of representing the whole country ,they were not based on race or religion . I realise now who has created the present grounds .

      • Burning_Issue

        Please do not talk nonsense! Those so called national parties that you mentioned are only national on the outset; they all played their part in building up the Sinhala chauvinism. Because of their partisan projection and pandering to the Sinhala Buddhism, the LTTE came into being. Please get the facts correct.

        • Jayalath

          If it is the case then that JVP revolted in 71 and 89, 90 must be to strengthen the Singhala Buddhist chauvinism in Sri Lanka !!! Are you insane ?
          There were only two parties ruled this country since offered independence , and these two parties were always formed a gov with the representation of elected parliamentarians from Tamil and Muslims as well , not only singhala Buddhists , but singhalese were mainly majority in the parliament , because they came from majority singhalese . Therefore , I identify the fault is not in the singhala Buddhist the fault was in the sleazy and slimy politics . The JVP and LTTE were outcome of it .
          We as singhalese have grievances ,not only the Tamils or Muslims . Do you think that we are bloody better off ? Please do not rouse in my devil . Singhalese fought twice and perished More than 140.000 lives to bring the better governance to this country , we did not fight only for the one race or religion ,or for a piece of land , being bloody selfish like others . ( I must say the way it was handled have many questions to raise )

          Do you think just because I’m a singhalese that I will have better place in the country or society , unless if I didn’t come from a English speaking or higher family back ground ? Please learn to think about mistakes quite fair level , not idiotically or because of some one tell you .

          How ever , i must say that all have changed Now . very recent past the singhala Buddhist chauvinism can be seen prominently , which has many reasons too.

      • stanobey

        Why was the Muslim Congress formed?

        Just like the Tamil youth that was disenchanted with the ruling Southern parties the Muslim youth in the North and East were also equally frustrated with the political leadership.

        So the result the LTTE was able to recruit even if in a small way in Muslim areas.

        The SLMC was formed to counter the LTTE and to give an alternate Muslim political leadership which the UNP and SLFP was not giving.

        Hence the Muslims in the North were evicted by the LTTE.

        So by Jayalath’s nationalist perspective – the SLMC was a good thing as it weakened the LTTE in the East.

        • Jayalath

          To stanobey.

          In a theory when we build a house that we seriously regard few prime things before it takes place which is a normal factor , the suitable plot, financial status, and the size of house including bed rooms and Etc enough to whole family , As far as i consider to the human nature that we all are tempted to build it
          very strongly thinking of its durability, because we cannot afford to build it always and it will be a quite hazzle , therefore we all try to build it once for ever , sometime even we borrow money to build a house and pay back later in instalment basis, because it is worth to be done properly at once , but it could be very difficult affair for some people as it can be finantially very costly , however once it been done , it is a massive relief , so i believe that most things of our life is quite similar to a such thought , but the money you borrowed to build your dream house if you gambled and lost whom would you blame ?

  • Mike

    I think Jayalath speaks sense. If the Tamils and Muslims did not distance themselves from National Politics by forming Minority parties there would have been no glaring differences. The issues and differences which were there, by now would have been blended out. We as Sri Lankans have to learn to have a broader view and see and try to understand the other person’s point of view as well. The past is past. Lets think about the future – learning valuable lessons from history. Lets unite and build a united Sri Lanka and a unique Sri Lankan Identity.Like Jayalath says I do not want a piece of Sri Lanka. Whole of Sri Lanka is mine and also is for every Sri Lankan.(By the way for the record I am Tamil but first I am a Sri Lankan)

    • Off the Cuff

      Dear Mike and Jayalath,

      “Like Jayalath says I do not want a piece of Sri Lanka. Whole of Sri Lanka is mine and also is for every Sri Lankan. (By the way for the record I am Tamil but first I am a Sri Lankan)”

      Agree with you unreservedly.

      I am Sinhalese, but first I am a Sri Lankan.

  • Suresh

    Consider the name “Bodu Bala Sena”. “Bala” indicates a greed (thanhawa) for power. “Sena” denotes an army – and conjures up images of violence. Both these seem to go against the tenets of Buddhism. Can an organization that focuses on Bala and Sena really and truly be Bodu? Maybe it might be best that the BBS drop the first B??!!

  • Citizen

    Do you know what happend to SWRD?

  • Rajash

    Instead of airing views on the internet, we should take to the streets of Colombo and gather at Lipton Circle and show our views there

    • truth

      This is a good idea!! People are scared of STATE TERRORISM against them if they protest in public!! This is what is happening now in the so called “liberated areas”

      • Off the Cuff

        Dear truth,

        You say People are scared of STATE TERRORISM against them if they protest in public!! This is what is happening now in the so called “liberated areas”

        Why so called “liberated areas”?
        Do you see any LTTE activity within?
        Undoubtedly, Sri Lanka has been liberated from the LTTE.
        Do you think otherwise?

        Have you heard of any 10 year old Tamil children being abducted and sent to war since May 2009? Prior to May 2009 at least 200 such children per month were abducted and sent to war by the LTTE (UN). Were your children amongst them?
        Apparently not, judging from the sour grapes tone of your post.

        • truth

          Now the minorities are under STATE TERRORISM. As such there is no liberation for the minorities except for the supporters of the Government, that too until they blindly support all what the Govt. does!!!

          • Off the Cuff

            Yes you have said that before.
            But why are you afraid to recognise the truth?

  • Kasipatnam Sathyakumar

    Muslims are very good opportunists. They talk about secularism and how Islam is a religion of peace when they are in a minority. But where they are in a majority, they do not allow any other religion to exist. We have seen examples in our own South Asia, where present day Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh were partly Buddhist and partly Hindu coexisting for centuries. The arrival of Islam meant total annihilation for Buddhism in these nations, and Hindus are being systematically persecuted and ethnically cleansed to this day. The UNO will not address this, nor would the so called enlightened western nations, because they are allies with these nations.

    • Master

      Would you want to dig past…even hindu kings killed budddhist and many hindu temples in India are built on buddhist base……Even the bodhgaya temple was under hindu control until recently…