Opposition activists hold up placards during a protest in Colombo
Photo courtesy Euronews

Just a few weeks since the impeachment of Sri Lanka’s Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, no one is really talking about it anymore. Interviews conducted by and featured on Groundviews at the time impeachment proceedings were on clearly flagged serious fears over the independence of the judiciary.

In order to ascertain the lasting impact of the impeachment in the manner it was conducted as well as to understand better the dynamics of public opposition or support towards it, Groundviews has created a brief online questionnaire.

The questionnaire will be open for responses from today until 21 March 2013. Depending on the feedback, results of the questionnaire, along with suitable data visualisations, will be posted on this site.

To answer the questionnaire, please click the button below OR click here to fill it out in a new browser window.

Please pass it on to friends and colleagues.

  • Lakshman Mendis

    I ‘ve no
    faith on Sri Lankan constitution !

  • truth

    Sri Lanka is a failed state! None of the govt. since independence had any “leaders” there is no suitable “leader material” in Sri Lanka, I think.
    The main idea of the so call leaders are to get elected by any means and to remain in power as long as possible and to make money as much as possible!!

    I have no idea how these people sleep peacefully, with all the death and destruction to their “credit” The worst thing is some of them are done in the name of Budha!!! May be something is wrong with the kind of Budhism practiced in Sri Lanka.

    I suppose Sri Lankan history is full of tales of aspiring Prince killing his father, brother etc. Running to India, coming back with Indian kings help etc. May be they have this bad genes in them and is still continuing to this day!! Generally they have no principle!!

    As for Shirani Bandaranayakes case, it would be soon forgotten!! The war crimes will be forgotten. Just like the cause of the Tamil uprising was forgotten by the masses!!! Sri Lankans have selective amnesia. They have conveniently forgotten about the NUMEROUS STATE SPONSORED POGROMS against the Tamils.

  • Leela

    Groundviews is trying to make an issue out of a non-issue for most real-voters.