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  • rohan

    absolutely brilliant analysis of the confusion in our minds on how to respond to state machinations on national reconciliation. It is sad that many of the commentators, including the learned prof Dayan, have not got the message despite your explicit and eloquent presentation.
    Your message is clear – Never sacrifice your principles,other than in a life or death situ, in order to satisfy your ego or to ‘do something better than nothing’ or to satisfy your sponsors need for CSR/PSR recognition or simply to join them(govt) if you can’t beat them.
    Sri Lanka Unites has sincere intentions for forging national reconciliation, as commented by Chrisantha,they are a youth led activist organization for national unity not a humanitarian NGO. However, like most of us,they are confused on how to progress towards their goal in view of the serious obstacles faced. You need to lend a hand to them to move in the right direction and stand up to their principles with courage and conviction.
    thanks again for the fine thoughts!

  • To Amal De Chikera of Groundvies in response to Rohans Comments.

    Well said Rohan.SLU is doing a very good job in reaching both polars in this Island Nation, in brining a North South Dialogue amongst Young People to think a new rather than the old traditional ways of seeing and doing as what we did with many failures in the past.

    When I was young in the late 60s and early 70s [my teenage years] there were many verbal atrocities that we committed in looking down at minorities with hate because we were thought to look at what the heroic Kings of the past did to save the Sinhala Buddhist nation – aka-post independence republic of Sri Lanka, but with all the madness of our sins committed on our own people and all governments failing to address the core issues of the Tamil/Muslim minorities and other small groups -post independence, here is a youth organization trying on their own with many things observed very intently, learning the many lessons that we all have learnt and doing their best with the guidance of some wonderful intellectuals who have proved themselves in the,Religeous,Judisial,Diplomatic,Coperate and Political arenas as their guides, to bring in the much needed Peace and reconciliation efforts amongst the youth in all commuties,so that Love and understanding among each other is best cultivated in this broken and suffering land of ours.