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Sri Lanka – Killing for Peace

Unreported World

Channel 4’s recent programme on Sri Lanka broadcast recently in England. As noted here,

… the team making a documentary for Channel 4 was ordered to leave Sri Lanka’s embattled Jaffna peninsula on the orders of the country’s military [even though] reporter Sandra Jordan, camerawoman Siobhan Sinnerton and producer Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai had received permission from defence authorities in Colombo before flying into Jaffna.

It was not clear why the Channel 4 crew were made to leave, but the private Daily Mirror newspaper quoted a military official as saying they were sent back for their own safety.

“Around 100,000 British tourists holiday in Sri Lanka every year, but thanks to a clampdown on the international media, few realise that away from its famous beaches, a new chapter in the country’s 30-year civil war has opened, in which innocent civilians are paying a bloody price.”

  • Dushantha Mahabage

    In a meeting with the senior military officials in Jaffna, the current security situation was explained in detail to the “TV crew”. The next thing we know, they asked for facilities to return to Colombo.

  • We are all tired of the war and also the rising cost of living that is preventing us from having any time to RE-CREATE. Now if we do not RE_CREATE, we will become zombies that are only focused on making money to make ends meet and forget the pleasure of re-creation.

    We can only have a solution if we give ourselves time to re-create and reflect on the manner we can have a united and peaceful country.

    We are a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural society, we have to live in total harmony if we need to have joy, why do not make all efforts to attain JOY, rather than live as slaves of existence?

    Please think and talk to each other, what good is it to live in dis-harmony when life is too short. ! ! .
    Let us be wise and accept each other for what we are whoever we are, and denounce those who wish to separate us and put us in corners where we start realiating and kill our neighbor.